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Register today for GeForce NOW in Australia as Pentanet confirms it will be bringing the widely anticipated gaming service to Australia this year.

Today, we are excited to announce Australian gamers will soon have access to GeForce NOW – NVIDIA’s premiere cloud-based game streaming service, powered by Pentanet.

Players are able to register their interest as future sites for local servers nation-wide based on user demand.

We are rapidly expanding our implementation of next-generation wireless technology in anticipation of the launch of the GeForce NOW cloud gaming service in Australia, after announcing a formal alliance agreement with NVIDIA.

The next generation of connectivity
Instead of leaving the fate of next-generation applications like cloud gaming to chance on the NBN, we have been at the forefront of connectivity in WA with our wireless internet solution since founding Pentanet in 2017. To further accelerate the network’s growth, we will be expanding our network roll out to include gigabit fixed-wireless technology, which has been developed by Facebook. Working together on its design and implementation in Australia, it won’t be long before people far and wide have access to the internet of tomorrow.

We will be selecting users nationally across a range of networks and RSPs to participate in the closed beta of the GeForce NOW service.

We’ll determine which networks in Australia have the capability to deliver the gaming technology to households, and which network types don’t yet “cut the mustard”.

I think most people in Australia know by now that not all home internet was created equal. We’re still willing to give other networks a go, but we won’t shy from the challenge of building our own solution we know to work, like we did for Perth.

Pentanet founder and managing director, Stephen Cornish.

Stephen Cornish - Pentanet Founder & Managing Director

Revolutionising Perth’s internet speeds since 2017
Entirely independent of the National Broadband Network (NBN) and dramatically outperforming it, our fixed wireless network has transformed internet connectivity in Perth, which in 2019 was reported as having the second slowest internet speeds of all Australian capital cities. With an IPO on the ASX this Friday, expansion of our network technology isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The company’s cloud gaming strategy is evidence of Pentanet’s commitment to the digitisation of Australia, starting with Perth; our mission is to bring global-leading technology to the Australian gaming population – borne through Stephen’s own frustration with Australian ISP performance as an avid gamer himself.

GeForce NOW is the future
GeForce NOW instantly transforms nearly any laptop, desktop, Mac, Android or iOS mobile device into a high-end gaming PC using cloud technology. It allows users to instantly play the most demanding PC games across devices without the need for expensive hardware systems. With an extensive Australian waitlist and the service already seeing success overseas, this new entry into gaming offers gamers a new way to play their favourite PC games.

GeForce NOW server locations will initially reside in Perth and Sydney.

“Gamers need to be close to our infrastructure, so our deployment strategy will be guided by level of demand across Australia, and potentially even New Zealand” Stephen says. “The sooner gamers register on our website, the sooner our infrastructure could find its way to their city.”

Pentanet at the forefront of Australian gaming
Pentanet may be a new name to some eastern states gamers, but we’re no strangers to gaming and esports. In 2017, Stephen sold his house to build the first fixed wireless tower because he was frustrated with his performance in League of Legends.

He likes to tell us his bad internet was what was keeping him stuck Ranked Bronze. “But I fixed it and have only been stuck in Silver ever since,” he says (so read into that what you want!)

In 2019, Pentanet entered the esports market with the launch of Pentanet.GG, competing in the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League (OPL). The Pentanet.GG brand showcases our dedication to gaming and esports, building a growing audience of gamers within the Pentanet ecosphere.

The team at Pentanet are proud gamers themselves, and we founded the Company on principles of providing outstanding internet service to players. It’s this commitment that helped forge an alliance with NVIDIA.

GeForce NOW beta to launch in mid 2021
Pentanet aims to roll out the Australian GeForce NOW beta mid-2021, with a commercial launch to follow. The invite-only beta will be for users who have pre-registered at, with Pentanet customers receiving priority access. Pricing is to be announced at a later date.

Register now
Players are encouraged to head to to register their interest and stay up-to-date as announcements are made in the coming weeks and months.

This is the current list of GeForce NOW games, subject to Australian classification: