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Are there options for Perth businesses other than the NBN?

Absolutely! Let’s discuss!

Business Fixed Wireless
Fixed wireless is a fantastic NBN alternative for small and medium sized Perth businesses.

Delivering a high-speed internet connection via point-to-multipoint (PtMP) technology, Pentanet Fixed Wireless uses a small dish installed on the roof of the business premises which connects to a local tower. Instead of cables in the ground, Pentanet Fixed Wireless internet delivers fibre-like speeds through the air, direct to your premises.

For us here at Pentanet, our fixed wireless network (the fastest-growing in WA!) is completely independent of the NBN, allowing full control in terms of load management, service, and support.

Check if your Perth business is eligible for Business Fixed Wireless

Gigabit Fixed Wireless
For those with the need for more speed, our commercial grade fixed wireless solution is able to deliver gigabit speeds to select areas of the Perth metro area.

Using mmWave technology, PentaMAX delivers a blazingly fast symmetrical connection of up to 1 gigabit per second with low latency and consistent, reliable speeds. PentaMAX is a fantastic option for businesses needing equal power for upload and download speeds for internet access, file transfer, and online activity like cloud backups.

Enterprise Fibre Solutions
Fibre optic services offer lightning fast internet speeds with low latency over a fixed line. Custom enterprise fibre solutions are the perfect answer for Perth businesses looking for fast, dedicated and reliable connectivity.

Other services can be incorporated into a commercial fibre connection, including dark fibre, point to point connectivity and more.

10Gbps Enterprise Fibre for Perth is Here
Perth’s fastest internet connection is here and it’s exclusive to Pentanet. We call it XFIBRE.

Multi-gigabit speeds enable organisations to share and receive high volumes of data via direct access to a symmetrical 10Gbps transmission link.

In the age of bandwidth-hungry and latency-sensitive applications and SD-WAN platforms, XFIBRE is designed and delivered with the multi-gigabit world in mind.

XFIBRE delivers improved connectivity through a rapidly provisioned symmetrical, ultra-high bandwidth, low latency service.

Choosing the right NBN alternative for your business
With so many different technologies and solutions available, expert help is a must. Call us today on (08) 9466 2670 or email [email protected] to talk to our Perth-based experts.