Team Pentanet at Whitfords Cricket Club with Pentanet Mini Coupe

Pics taken at Whitfords Cricket Club by Team Pentanet's own Charlie Westerman.

It’s been super busy here at Pentanet HQ as fast, reliable internet has become even more crucial for Perthians during the last tumultuous few months.

Just as Perth homes needs reliable internet, we need reliability on the Perth roads, and we know we can rely on our MINI Cooper-S 3 Door Hatch.

The MINI has been a workhorse for the team, getting us out and about the Perth 'burbs quickly and safely.

It proved its worth yet again when Pentanet COO Connor Llewellyn had to be onsite at a Pentanet tower after a lightning strike on February 28th. Safe and reliable with helpful ‘Real Time Traffic Information’ built into the MINI’s navigation system, Connor was onsite at our Mindarie tower in no time.

Our Head of Marketing Alison Balch has been impressed with orange pocket rocket.

“There’s actually so much room in it. We take it to most Perth Wildcats games at RAC Arena, because we can fit an entire inflatable basketball game in there! We’re looking forward to getting back out on the road.”

Our Orange Bullet has even made it on the official MINI website! Check out the full write up, here:
The Pentanet Mini That's Keep You Connected!