Installing Fixed Wireless on a house roof

We’ve put together a simple guide to help you through the process of switching from nbn™ to Pentanet Fixed Wireless at home.

Why should I switch to Fixed Wireless?

The National Broadband Network (nbn™) has been met with some controversy, with select users unable to achieve the speeds they need to run a home or business. If you have a fibre to the premises connection or live near a node, you can get some pretty good internet speeds - but even these connections can be affected by network congestion. Fixed Wireless is an 'nbn™ alternative’ private network, designed by WA gamers for peak performance all day and night!

For more information about choosing between nbn™ and Fixed Wireless, check out this article:
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Fast. Reliable. Local Internet. Click to join Perth's superfast network today! Fast. Reliable. Local Internet. Click to join Perth's superfast network today!

How does Fixed Wireless work?

Fixed Wireless is a method of delivering an internet service through the use of radio waves instead of wires, utilising a small exterior antenna usually on the roof of your building. Your internet service provider (ISP) will connect your premises to their internet service via a small dish installed on the roof, much like a Foxtel dish.

Completely independent from the nbn™, this small dish connects to a network of fibre-backed private towers using ‘point-to-point’ technology, delivering superfast internet directly to your home. This service delivery means Fixed Wireless requires line of sight to a tower, without interruptions like trees or buildings.

How fast is Fixed Wireless?

Pentanet offer Fixed Wireless plans with download speed options of 30Mbps, 60Mbps & 120Mbps. You can also choose from different upload speeds as needed, which is super important for businesses or people working from home!

For those who need even higher speeds, we offer PentaMAX, a blazingly fast, symmetrical Fixed Wireless service which offers speeds of 150Mbps, 250Mbps, 500Mbps & 1Gbps, subject to availability in your area.

Switching from NBN to Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless is a completely separate internet connection from the NBN. Setup and installation is completed without any interruption to your NBN service, meaning no downtime. That’s right, absolutely no downtime!

Switching from NBN to Fixed Wireless Process

  1. Complete an address check to check if your home is eligible for Fixed Wireless.
  2. Select a Fixed Wireless plan.
  3. Complete an application online or over the phone with our Perth Support Centre
  4. Book a time for installation at your home (2-3 hours).
  5. Your internet service will be live and connected immediately (assuming no hiccups).

Hassle-Free Installation

One of our technicians will pop round and install a small dish on your roof and a cable to the inside of your home.

Before we proceed with the install, we’ll do a quick check to make sure you have a clear line of sight to one of our towers. Once a signal is confirmed, the installers get cracking on with the installation, and you’ll be online in a couple of hours.

Fixed Wireless is a game changer - fast, reliable and super easy to get connected. Switching has never been so simple, so there’s no need to panic about getting those wires changed over or waiting for a technician to come out to see you.

If you’re interested in making the switch to Fixed Wireless for your home, check if your area is Fixed Wireless ready by entering your address below or get in touch with us today on (08) 9466 2670.

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