Business Fixed Wireless Application

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    Drivers License, Proof of age or Passport

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    Unlock up to 100Mbps download speed for an extra $15/month
    Please note that relevant installation costs will apply for a Pentanet fixed-wireless service.

    Pentanet can provide an entry level device to ensure on the day connectivity. Please do not check if you wish to use your own device.

    Standard installation consists of installation without a pole, additional cabling or special requirements. Standard Installation is subject to Installers discretion and additional costs may be incurred on a case by case basis. Install team will discuss potential costs (if applicable) before proceeding with installation. Please contact the Pentanet team if you require further clarification before checking this box.

    Please read the Critical Information Summary located at before signing this declaration. This section acknowledges acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, fees and charges, and confirms your order of the service. By checking this box, I agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions of Pentanet Pty Ltd. I understand the internet plan I am subscribing to, and the restrictions, limits, charges and other features of it. I also understand that at times Pentanet Pty Ltd my use qualified third-party installation companies for the connection of services, and therefore cannot guarantee connection provisioning times. I confirm the information provided in this application is true and correct at the time of application.

    Please do not disconnect your old service until the Pentanet service has been fully provisioned in your home or business

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