What is Fixed Wireless?

What is Fixed Wireless?

What is a Fixed Wireless internet service?

Fixed wireless technology delivers a high-speed internet connection ‘through the air’, bypassing the National Broadband Network (nbn™) and other fibre services using ‘point to point’ technology.

How does Fixed Wireless internet work?

Your internet connection is delivered via a small dish installed on your roof that connects wirelessly to a telecommunications tower nearby. This tower is part of a private network operated by Pentanet and is completely separate to the nbn™. The signal requires a direct, uninterrupted line of sight.

Fixed wireless can be delivered over multiple frequencies. As a rule of thumb, the higher the frequency, the faster the speeds, but the shorter the distance that signal can travel.

Inside the premises, the dish connects to an installed data point using a CAT-6 ethernet cable with a PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector providing power and signal for your router. The router is responsible for distributing the connection throughout your home or business using Wi-Fi or a direct cabled connection.

What speeds can Fixed Wireless internet service deliver?

Fixed wireless speeds vary depending on provider and choice of plan, with top-tier residential and commercial plans offering up to 1 gigabit per second speeds (like PentaMAX).

Whereby nbn™ service providers are using third-party infrastructure owned by NBNCo, a fixed wireless network is normally owned and controlled by the internet service provider. They operate and maintain the network, and set the limit for the number of subscribers that connect to their service. A great fixed wireless internet provider will operate with a low contention ratio, meaning fewer subscribers and/or more network capacity to consistently and reliably deliver the plan’s upload and download speeds. For the end user, this translates to consistent, reliable speeds to the demarcation point all day and night (including peak times!)

Check out our Fixed Wireless speeds and plans here.

Fixed Wireless Internet for Perth businesses

Pentanet Fixed Wireless internet is totally available for Perth businesses! It’s a fantastic choice as a fibre alternative to get you online FAST (often same day service!) and keep your team connected and productive. To check if your business is eligible, check out our business Fixed Wireless plans here.

Fixed Wireless Reliability

To understand Fixed Wireless reliability, there are two main points to note: provider network capacity and installation quality control.

With any network, reliability is closely linked to network capacity and congestion. In plain English, if your provider is overloading their network with too many customers and not enough capacity, it will result in slower speeds (especially at peak times). Ask your provider about their network capacity and how they maintain consistent speeds all day and night.

Reliability is also dependent on initial installation quality control procedures. While most providers will usually use ‘best effort’ practice to determine if you have a line of sight to a tower, here at Pentanet our Fixed Wireless coverage is modelled using our custom satellite and radar technology, allowing a more accurate service qualification upfront.

Even if your service qualification looked good, it’s good to note that there’s always a chance that we may not be able to connect you to a Fixed Wireless tower once we are onsite. This could be a result of radiofrequency interference, or a physical signal disruption like trees, buildings, power lines, etc. that didn’t show on our satellite maps.

Fixed Wireless Internet in Bad Weather

Contrary to popular belief, the frequency used for Pentanet Fixed Wireless is not affected by weather. Normal weather conditions outside of extreme hail and storm activity should not affect your Fixed Wireless connection.

Pentanet’s network of fixed wireless towers is backed by over 300 kilometres of high-capacity fibre around the Perth metropolitan area consisting of several self-healing rings to help ensure uninterrupted internet service for your home or business. In other words, if a link was to go down or power was lost at a site, the data would re-route to limit any interruption.

We have comprehensive continuity and disaster plans in the event of extreme weather or power disruption.
You can see how we handled a lightning strike at our Mindarie tower here.

Cost of Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed Wireless costs vary depending on provider and plans available. Currently, plans are comparable to nbn™ plans in terms of cost and speeds. Installation costs may apply as the setup requires a dish installed on the roof of your premises by a qualified and expert technician as well as a new data point inside your home.

How long does it take to install Pentanet Fixed Wireless Internet and connect to the internet?

A small dish is installed on your roof by a certified technician and then cabled into your premises, with a data point installed inside for router access. Installation usually takes around 2-3 hours. If you have a compatible router ready to use, you will be able to connect to the internet immediately once the installation is complete. If you’re using a Pentanet device, your technician will set it up with you!

How do I get Fixed Wireless Internet for home or business?

Head to our Fixed Wireless page to complete an address check and see if your premises is eligible. You’ll also be able to compare plans and select which one is right for you.

The process of connecting to Pentanet Fixed Wireless