Pentanet neXus is the future of wireless internet. Unlock your digital edge and join the community-powered wireless network bringing Perth internet up to speed.



Limited-Time Early Adopter Offer

$99/mth $129/mth


Average upload and download speeds from 200-600Mbps.

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Here’s why neXus is the future of wireless internet.

Next-Gen Technology

Pentanet neXus uses cutting-edge wireless mesh technology to deliver future-proof internet connections.

Stronger With Growth

The network’s innovative wireless mesh design means that neXus gets stronger and more resilient as it grows.

The Future is Faster

With Unlocked upload and download speeds, neXus Hell Fast subscribers can rest assured knowing that they are always getting the fastest speeds their local mesh can deliver.

Local and Independent

We’re 100% local. From network design to customer support, neXus is owned and operated by a local team dedicated to forging Perth’s digitally connected future.

Ultra-Low Latency

Enjoy an ultra-low latency connection ideal for live streaming, video calls and online gaming.

Connected Smarter

Pentanet neXus is faster and more affordable to deploy than fixed-line connections like the nbn.

Why switch to Pentanet?

We're 100% Perth local

Our onboarding and support teams are located right here in Perth.

Fast & reliable speeds

Enjoy consistent high-speed internet with low contention.

$0 setup

Getting connected is easy with $0 standard installations on all 12-month Pentanet plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fixed Wireless is an excellent alternative to nbn™ for under-served suburbs, but neXus is a truly next-generation internet experience.

Pentanet neXus uses next-generation wireless technology to deliver unparalleled speeds and lower latency than other wireless connectivity solutions, including Pentanet Fixed Wireless. The intelligent mesh design of neXus provides stability and bypasses line of sight issues that affect the coverage of traditional fixed wireless services.

Subscribers on the neXus Hell Fast plan receive Unlocked last-mile speeds, meaning that they always be getting the fastest possible connection available.

The average speeds experienced by each subscriber will vary based on their position within the mesh. Average upload and download speeds range between 200-600Mbps, with some fortunate subscribers seeing speeds in excess of 900Mbps.

Devices connected to the Prism Edge Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router over Ethernet will also see faster speeds than those connected over Wi-Fi.

Unlike mobile network-based wireless broadband, neXus delivers a highly focussed mmWave signal directly to your premises from the nearest connection point. The resulting last-mile latency is extremely low, typically less than 1ms per connection point between you and a tower.

Because neXus is 100% owned and operated by Pentanet, we have full control over managing network load and can provide high-performance speeds even at peak times.

Subscribers on the neXus Hell Fast plan can rest assured that they are always receiving the fastest download and upload speeds available, typically between 200-600Mbps.

The gradual rollout of the neXus mesh means that the network’s coverage is constantly expanding.

Check your address at the top of this page to see if you are ready to be connected.

The strength of the neXus mesh is in its ability to connect nearby enabled premises together through line of sight, making it ideal for urban and residential areas, but less so for rural or semi-rural areas with low housing density.

If you live on a more secluded property, it may be worth checking whether a more traditional Pentanet Fixed Wireless connection is available in your area.

Yes, neXus can be used as a business connection and is compatible with most off the shelf consumer VPNs.

However, the neXus Hell Fast plan may not be suitable for medium or large businesses with more complex server or security solutions.

Get in touch with our local onboarding team to see whether neXus is the right solution for your business.

Pentanet neXus installations generally take 3–4 hours. A follow-up appointment may be required to install backup power on some installations.

All neXus services require Pentanet’s specialised Prism Edge Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router to deliver connectivity.

Additional routers may be connected to the Prism Edge as Wi-Fi extenders. However, we only recommend that additional Prism Edge routers are utilised for Wi-Fi meshing at this stage as Pentanet are not able to provide neXus technical support for any devices other that the Prism Edge.

Yes! Like all of our wireless internet products, neXus has been specifically built with the needs of gamers in mind.

Pentanet neXus connections are ultra-low latency, stable and low-jitter by design, so you’ll be able to maintain peak performance in competitive online titles.

Extreme weather events such as heavy hail or torrential rainfall may cause some reduction in signal strength and overall speeds, but neXus is highly unlikely to be affected by average rainfall.

Yes, renters can be connected to neXus as long as the owner of their home approves the installation of neXus hardware. Pentanet can provide renters with an email to send to your property manager that explains the low-impact nature of neXus installations.

No. Your internet data is just as private and secure as when using traditional fixed-line connections.

Pentanet neXus connects subscribers using a combination of Terragraph and 5G mmWave technologies, but functions in a different way than most other 5G networks.

Typical 5G home broadband services use a wide broadcast that is potentially shared by hundreds of devices, making them prone to congestion. They also rely on 5G signal reaching a router placed inside your home after passing through walls, which causes signal loss.

Instead, neXus connections use a focused mmWave signal that connects subscribers directly to the mesh without interference.