Perth's next-generation wireless network, coming early 2022.

Meet neXus, the future of internet technology for Perth. Pentanet’s neXus delivers a high-speed wireless internet connection through the air using an innovative mesh technology exclusive to Pentanet.

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Traditional Fixed Wireless connections require uninterrupted line of sight between a telecommunications tower and a connected premises. Pentanet’s neXus employs intelligent Terragraph technology to provide subscribers with multiple points of connection, removing the traditional line of sight barrier. The result? A resilient mesh of connected premises that continuously identifies and selects the optimal route for high-performance connectivity.

neXus is the future of internet in Perth


Pentanet’s neXus uses cutting-edge mmWave technology to deliver gigabit connectivity through the air over a lower-latency connection than traditional networks. No cables, no holes in the ground, no worries.

neXus can deliver speeds over 10x faster than the average Australian Fixed Broadband connection1



A wireless neXus connection is faster to install and deploy than fixed line connections like the nbn™, which allows Pentanet to react quickly to the ever growing demand for better internet in Perth. As neXus expands, subscribers will have more access points to the network, reducing the impacts of maintenance, downtime or line of sight disruptions.

neXus becomes faster and more resilient as the network grows

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Resilient Mesh Design

The more distribution points available, the more reliable your connection. The resilient mesh design of neXus means that your connection will automatically reroute if something happens to disrupt your primary connection path. On a traditional Fixed Wireless network, an obstruction like a crane at a nearby construction site could potentially impact your connection. With the re-routing capabilities of the neXus mesh, direct line of sight to a tower is no longer a deal-breaker.

Lower Latency

Latency, sometimes called ping or RTT (Round Trip Time), is a measurement of the time it takes for a single packet of information to traverse a segment of a network and return, usually measured in milliseconds (ms). High latency is associated with packet loss and jittering, which can negatively impact the experience of using the internet to stream video, play games, and so many other applications. A neXus connection delivers lower latency than traditional last mile technologies.

Local and Independent

Perth’s neXus is a private network managed exclusively by Pentanet. The network is designed, maintained, and managed by our 100% Perth local team. Keeping neXus independent helps Pentanet provide more consistent and reliable connections thanks to our low contention ratios.

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