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Team Pentanet take our reviews very seriously, and we're really proud to maintain a 4.5 star average from almost 370 reviews from real Perth internet lovers.

When you're searching for your new internet service provider, make sure you check:

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  • how many reviews they have and the average rating (be wary of any company that's been around for a while with only a few reviews!)
  • if the reviews are 'real' - do they include enough information for you to trust them?

Here's a selection of some of our favourites, and the links to where you can find the rest!


From 370+ reviews!

"A 48hr turn around"

from calling to being installed and connected. Amazing service and great connection. Polar opposite to my iiNet experience!!!

- Manfred S, February 2021

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"Good Service all round"

Friendly staff and cant complain about the product either, Highly recommend using these guys!

- Michiel P, February 2021

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"Honestly the best service provider I've ever had"

Recently had a connection problem which was rectified in a matter of minutes over the live chat. Josh great work mate can't say I've ever gone to a service provider with an issue and been this happy with the service.

- Kyle M, February 2021

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"Absolutely brilliant!!"

Great customer service, very friendly and genuinely helpful. They offer you the best service for your area and don't try to take more money off you for things you don't need. 10/10.

- Matthew L, February 2021

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"I can really only echo what has been said here"

The service at Pentanet is absolutely first class. From when I first inquired about their services until now, when it is all set and up running, they have been responsive, friendly, professional and prepared to go the extra mile to help.

- Alfred Wood, January 2021

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"Could not speak more highly"

Pentanet sorted in 2 days what our other provider couldn't sort in 2 months! Real people, no chat bots or recorded messages. Really responsive and professional. And now we have amazing fast internet!

- Lauren C, December 2020

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"Responsive and a professional business"

These guys have had enough with the poor service that other ISP companies have offered and have decided to make their own better one.

- Lewis W, December 2020

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"Pentanet has been the best internet service provider I have ever been with"

Long after we have destroyed the world through climate change, the team at Pentanet will still be working diligently to ensure quality internet access.

- Cameron L, December 2020

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"Hands down the best ISP in Perth"

Support is fantastic, all the way from the sales process to the install. If there is ever any questions you can get through to someone straight away that can actually help. As a business owner, this is invaluable in terms of time and effort saved.

- Andrew R, December 2020

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"I would recommend Pentanet Fixed Wireless"

Tonight, the wind is howling and the rain is pouring down, but my Fixed Wireless is operating at its plan level.

- Shane M, December 2020

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"We've been with Pentanet for the past year"

So impressed with their Fixed Wireless service. In 12 months we've only had one issue and that was dealt with extremely fast. Oh and it rocks having the fastest internet on the block!

- Brad S, November 2020

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"Love the great local customer service"

Really friendly and easy to understand and deal with.

- Jordan A, November 2020

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"Got straight through to an actual person who could help!"

(Try this with iinet or Telstra and get ready for a long wait, lots of transfers to different departments!) Pentanet offered to come to our Subiaco premises THAT WEEK for an appraisal. Absolute top-notch service!

- Malcolm M, November 2020

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"First class service and always in a timely fashion"

Their staff are so incredibly knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Pentanet is the rare kind of company / product that actually does what is says on the box! You've got a fan for life here.

- Brent C, November 2020

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"We were nervous about shifting"

But Pentanet have been able to deliver what Telstra wouldn't! I highly recommend them!

- Ross D, November 2020

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"Very impressed by the service"

Its really good to have someone on the other end of the line who is local as well. Keep up the good work guys!

- Benjamin K, November 2020

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"Extremely efficient company"

Since joining I haven’t yet had an issue with my internet quality ..it’s almost a shame because if I did I would be able to call their office in Perth and chat to one of the team and it would be rectified.

- Bradley J, November 2020

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"Honestly probably the best ISP I have had"

I run both NBN FTTC (iPrimus) and Fixed Wireless (Pentanet). The pros of fixed wireless greatly outweigh the cons. The speeds are consistent throughout the day, and 90% of the speed test I run result in - | 100 to 120Mbps down | 30Mbps up | 6ms ping.

- jystai, October 2020

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"The on boarding process was a cinch"

The service uninterrupted and Peter B guided me through the whole process and answered all of my post sale queries. Super provider!

- Daniel G, October 2020

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"The best internet I have ever had"

I was getting max 35mpbs with my previous provider but now I'm getting between 110 to 120mpbs so damn fast thank you guys!

- B, October 2020

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"Superfast with fantastic service"

They go out of there way to help us with all of questions Coundnt be happier. 5 star business

- Glenn P, October 2020

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"Incredible service and an absolute pleasure"

to be able to deal with real people on the phone and in person. A lot of the other internet service provider's could learn a lot from Pentanet.

- Clem D, September 2020

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"As an IT company we rely on our internet connection for so much of what we do"

Pentanet has delivered all of this and more for us since we made the switch, and consistently provide amazing service for both us and our clients – with rock solid internet to seal the deal.

- activIT systems, August 2020

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"Great to have a genuinely caring customer service culture in Perth at Pentanet"

Rings me after the online chat to ensure I had all the information I needed because the chat ended early. Keep it up Pentanet!

- Adam N, July 2020

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"So refreshing to have an internet provider with a personal approach"

First class connection, personal service and an organisation that supports local sport through the Wildcats and Pentanet.GG. I've already recommended Pentanet to a number or personal and professional connections.

- Adept Photo Booths, May 2020

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"3 months in and couldnt be happier"

Through the whole process from the initial call, through the install and service support has been flawless. Always get the speeds promised. Think they will be my provider for a long time to come.

- Adam M, March 2020

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"Service is number one with Pentanet"

Keeping you up to date and bending over backwards. My connection is as fast as I can get FTTN and has zero issues. I cannot recommend these guys enough. Deliver exactly what you want with excellent customer service at a great price. What more could anyone want.

- T Mac, February 2020

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"Hands down the best service you will ever receive from an Aussie ISP."

Customer service is outstanding, tech support outstanding. I don't usually leave reviews, but if you have the option to move ISP or are looking for a provider... I'd 100% recommend Pentanet.

- Darren R, January 2020

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"Just crossed over the two year mark with Pentanet Fixed Wireless"

Cannot recommend highly enough! Internet speeds have never missed a beat in the whole time, service is always friendly and helpful. Outages are few and far between.

- Chris W, January 2020

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"One of the best internet companies"

I have dealt with for many years, always helpful in every single way I would recommend pentanet to everyone who is looking for internet

- Josh R, March 2021

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"Can not recommend them enough good job guys!"

☆ speedy express postage of the router
☆ self installed very easy plug and play
☆ consistent upload/Download speeds
☆ Low latency
☆ And most importantly destroys Telstra

- Brad N, February 2021

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"Would highly recommend Pentanet"

Excellent customer service. Connected within a week of initial phone call. Took a couple of hours to set up. Bought the recommended router. Now have high speed internet 24/7. No drop outs or lagging like the other BIG telco. Thanks Pentanet. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Karen C, February 2021

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"I couldn't recommend this company more"

Pentanet were professional, super easy to deal with over the phone and in person and we truly can't thank them enough for all that they have done for us. I couldn't recommend this company more. To all the staff and techs you are absolute legends.

- Jaimii S, January 2021

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"Best ISP I have dealt with so far."

Fast internet speeds and the staff have been super friendly and helpful.

- Flora O, September 2020

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"Truly plug and play!"

Easy to install and we’ve never had a dropout since day 1. Also good that Pentanet is a local company, so easy to deal with.

- Bernadette S, September 2020

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"I recently switched my NBN connection to Pentanet. It was super simple!"

I got chatting to Rob on the phone and he was really helpful answering all my questions. Speeds are fantastic too in the short time I’ve been a customer

- Elliot O, August 2020

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"Make the move!"

NBN was a nightmare for us with so many drop outs so we switched to Pentanet's wireless. OMG! Perfect internet every time! Great customer care too.

- Anet H, August 2020

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"Fantastic internet service"

We switched to the Fixed Wireless internet about 6 weeks ago and it has been brilliant. (So much better than our old providers NBN service which was dropping out all day every day). Great customer service too. Thanks Pentanet.

- Jane F, August 2020

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"Fixed Wireless hooked up today, so easy, great service"

John was exceptional. Now I have a reasonably priced solution to avoid NBN. Fantastic speed, just wish I’d done this sooner! Thanks Pentanet, I’m impressed 🏆🏆

- Sonia W, May 2020

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"Brilliant internet connection and even better customer service"

Jayden installed my Fixed Wireless last week and he was great. Would highly recommend these guys if you like getting the internet speeds you actually pay for and like being able to speak to someone local if you have any questions. Great company!

- James J, May 2020

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"Was such an incredible and easy experience dealing with Pentanet"

They were able to tell me straight away my best option, including exactly what my house can get speed wise, which I didn't even know they could do! So I was able to choose a plan that was perfect for my speeds and usage.

- Julia V, April 2020

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"Incredible service with amazing speeds"

Our setup was very quick and we have been experiencing near lag-free gaming since we connected. The customer support is also fantastic with their swift response and professionalism, as well as quirky humour. 10/10 🌟

- Michael S, November 2019

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I switched to Pentanet and within 2 days I had an NBN technician at my house and I was up and running almost immediately thereafter.

- Brandy C, January 2021

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"Best internet In WA"

Always helpful staff internet speed as promised very prompt and kind support team as well

- aidanr, December 2020

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Product is fantastic and very easy to use/ set up, but the one thing that separates Pentanet from others is there service!

- Chris B, December 2020

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"Great internet Excellent services"

Amazing breath of fresh air from the nbn. Happy with all my speeds. Highly recommend have been with pentanet for around 8 months and whenever having issues they are always willing to help.

- Lukasz, November 2020

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"The best net I have ever had it's incredible"

My previous provider was offering me max 35 but with Pentanet im getting 117 easily. So fast to stream videos and play games online. I Could not be more happier with the performance. Thank you guys!

- B2B, October 2020

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"FINALLY !!!!!"

My big adult gaming kids are so happy now. And I get to keep my sanity from them always complaining to me about dropouts and slow NBN. Thank you so much to the team at Pentanet!! Big 5 stars and big thumbs up from me!!

- Rhonda R, June 2020

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"120Mbps speeds all day and night, as promised!"

So impressed with our Pentanet service. The internet is so fast all day and night, we haven’t seen that pesky buffering wheel since we joined. Customer service is refreshingly local, always a cheerful Aussie voice on the end of the line. Very happy!

- Gabriella, April 2020

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"Speed exactly as advertised, helpful support"

I have had a NBN 100/40 connection with Pentanet for some time now. My connection is exactly as advertised, great speeds day and night. Every encounter with the staff there has been great.

- Dan W, April 2020

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"The best service and getting way above 100Mbps!"

Switched to their Fixed Wireless a couple of years ago at our co-working space and the service has been amazing, as has the speed. Went from 3mbps with Optus at the time to 50Mbps, and now getting way above 100Mbps regularly. So great.

- Clayton, June 2020

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"Amazing internet"

Very reliable connection, no dropouts. Company has been amazing to deal with always fantastic service. Any issues have been dealt with promptly and efficiently. Would recommend them to anyone looking for an internet service.

- Jess LN, May 2020

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"Forget NBN"

Very professional outfit; arrived on time, explained various options available to get connected, troubleshoots during set up. I ordered 60Mbps down and 10Mbps up and what I got was exactly that.

- Andrew N, February 2020

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"Awesome - speeds as advertised"

I paid for 60/10 and speed tests hit exactly that. I've since updated to 120/20. Customer service is excellent and you always chat to a person. Had some issues at my end and they still threw me some suggestions that solved the issue. Take my money!

- Tyson E, November 2019

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