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Why Invest?

Pentanet is one of the fastest growing Internet Service Providers in Australia, delivering high-bandwidth internet services with an emphasis on local service and support and excellent customer experience. We grew our subscribers by 218% in the last 12 months and have seen these growth rates continue in the last three months. The Company began life in Perth, has been growing rapidly in Western Australia, and is now firmly positioned to extend its growth through the expansion of the Company’s current wireless footprint in greater Perth and implementation of future wireless technology, as well as the commercial launch of the GeForce NOW cloud gaming service in Australia pursuant to its Alliance Partner Agreement with NVIDIA.

Excerpt from Letter from the Chair, please download the Prospectus for a full version

Pentanet Prospectus

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Stephen Cornish

Founder and MD

Timothy Cornish

Executive Director

David Buckingham

Non-Executive Chairman

Craig Amos

Non-Executive Director

Dalton Gooding

Non-Executive Director

Mart-Marie Derman

Chief Financial Officer

Patrick Holywell

Company Secretary

Clive Bingwa

Executive Consultant


Andrew Milner

Executive Consultant

Business Scaling

Peter Curulli

General Manager

Pentanet.GG | GOA

Joe Wooller

Executive Consultant

Transmission Network

Corporate Governance

Audit and Risk Committe Charter
550 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Audit and Risk Committe Charter
550 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Board Charter and Corporate Governance Plan
802 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Policy on Selection and Appointment of External Auditors
503 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Remuneration and Nomination Committe
550 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Statement of Values
672 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Code of Conduct
700 KB • 10th Dec 2020


Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy
540 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Diversity Policy
519 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Environmental Social and Governance Policy
484 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Performance Evaluation Policy
482 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Risk Management policy
491 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Shareholder Communications Policy
513 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Trading Policy
566 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Whistleblower Protection Policy
564 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Social Media Policy
539 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Continuous Disclosure Policy
727 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Pentanet appoints new Chair
290 KB • 10th Sep 2020