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Photo of Stephen Cornish

Stephen Cornish

Founder and MD

Photo of Timothy Cornish

Timothy Cornish

Executive Director

Photo of David Buckingham

David Buckingham

Non-Executive Chairman

Photo of Sian Whyte

Sian Whyte

Non-Executive Director

Photo of Dalton Gooding

Dalton Gooding

Non-Executive Director

Photo of Mart-Marie Derman

Mart-Marie Derman

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Patrick Holywell

Patrick Holywell

Company Secretary

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Statement
832 KB • 19th Oct 2021

Audit and Risk Committee Charter
550 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Board Charter and Corporate Governance Plan
2.7 MB • 18th Aug 2021

Policy on Selection and Appointment of External Auditors
503 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Remuneration and Nomination Committee
550 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Statement of Values
672 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Code of Conduct
700 KB • 10th Dec 2020


Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy
540 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Diversity Policy
519 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Environmental Social and Governance Policy
484 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Performance Evaluation Policy
482 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Risk Management policy
491 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Shareholder Communications Policy
513 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Trading Policy
566 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Whistleblower Protection Policy
564 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Social Media Policy
539 KB • 10th Dec 2020

Continuous Disclosure Policy
727 KB • 10th Dec 2020

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