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$0 setup fee and no lock-in. Fast, reliable local nbn™.
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Pentanet is Western Australia’s own telco, passionate about superfast internet and amazing local service.

Delivering high-speed internet to Perth metro area and NBN fibre to regional WA, we’re proudly powering WA with superfast internet solutions to suit your home, family, business or enterprise.

Join Pentanet today for fast, reliable, local internet that you can count on.

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5% every month!

Superfast, reliable, local internet just got even better for RAC members. We're giving you 5% off your internet service every month for the first two years!

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Superfast fixed wireless

Connect to Perth’s largest and fastest growing private fixed wireless network. Get superfast internet direct to your home or business – it’s fast, simple and more affordable than ever!

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Fast, reliable, local nbn™

Competitive nbn™ with a focus on quality, reliability and excellent customer service. Affordable options for every home, get connected in hours with Pentanet.

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The internet we have has never been so fast. I'm so happy we're with these guys. It feels personal and that's important.

Debra Dunlea | Via Google

We want to marry Pentanet. Transformed our life.

Holly Wood | Via Facebook

Having somebody local who actually understands the service you are receiving is a breath of fresh air.

Nick Di Carlo | Via Google


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