Pentanet Fixed-Wireless
Connecting to Perth's local, private wireless network is now easier and more affordable than ever. Experience speeds up to 100Mbps.
Get connected to LBNCo in Perth with Pentanet. Delivering fast and effective services with speeds of up to 100Mps
Pentanet NBN
Connect to the NBN with Pentanet, Perth’s local Internet Service Provider! Competitive NBN plans, with an emphasis on quality.
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Register an account and login to our brand new customer portal where you can pay your bill online.

Pentanet LBN has arrived and we’re ready to celebrate!

For a limited time, new Pentanet LBN customers will get two HUGE BONUSES!


Who we are…

“Perth’s LOCAL high speed NBN & fixed-wireless provider”

Pentanet is a Perth-based start-up passionate about high-speed internet. We believe Perth deserves internet speeds comparable to, if not better than, other countries leading the tech revolution. We treat each customer like our first and are devoted to providing celebrated service through both our personnel and infrastructure. Let us find the best solution for your home or business whether it be with NBN or by joining our private fixed-wireless network. Feel free to contact us via live chat, email or phone!

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What is fixed-wireless?

When most people think of internet, they think of data coming into their home or business using a copper phone line, or "DSL" (Digital Subscriber Line). Pentanet breaks this out-dated mould by using cutting edge wireless technology to deliver speeds far beyond what is capable on old copper. Our customers connect by having us simply install a small dish on their roof, that talks to our private network via one of many transmission towers scattered around Perth. No more worrying about old twisted and frayed copper cables, or not having enough 'ports' left at exchanges - Our fixed-wireless is simple, fast, reliable and connects you to super-fast internet in a matter of days!
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