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Pentanet Enterprise Solutions

When your business demands a solution that is as unique as you are, it needs a Pentanet Enterprise Solution. As a local company, we understand the heartbeat of our community and treat your business as our own. Our dedicated team will meticulously design a custom networking solution that forms the bedrock for your business to thrive in the digital world.

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    nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet

    A service capable of providing symmetrical speeds ranging from 100Mbps to a blazing 1,000Mbps with 99.5% uptime.
    A scalable fibre solution to meet your business needs.
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    Fibre Solutions

    We offer a wide range of effective fibre connectivity solutions, ranging from 100Mbps all the way up to 10,000Mbps with XFIBRE.
    Custom cost-effective solutions.
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    Custom Point-to-Point wireless connections offer speeds as high as 10,000Mbps. Our 350km+ wireless footprint ensures your business can connect.
    High-speed business-grade Fixed Wireless.
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    Data Centre Solutions

    Our vast network, which includes NEXTDC, Equinix, and DC Alliance, empowers us to find your business's ultimate data centre solution.
    Perfect for data-intensive businesses.
Why Switch to Pentanet?

Power up your business with Perth's largest private network!

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Competitive pricing
Benefit from our positive wholesale relationships, allowing you to enjoy highly competitive rates.
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Carrier agnostic
We ensure that the solution we design is tailored to your business's unique requirements and objectives, regardless of the carrier.
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Diverse pathways
With access to a range of carriers, pathways, and access technologies, we provide redundancy and alternative routes, we minimise downtime and maintain seamless connectivity.
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Personal touch
When you partner with Pentanet, you'll have peace of mind knowing that a dedicated account manager is there to support your business.
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Top-notch service
Our flexible and agile team adapts to your evolving business requirements and provides quick and efficient solutions.
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100% local
We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that businesses face in our community. We're here for you whether you have questions, need assistance, or simply want to chat.
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    Case Study

    Partner with Pentanet and Power up your business.

    "It’s one of the best financial decisions we’ve ever made." - Sneakers and Jeans CEO Andy Freeman

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    Case Study

    Partner with Pentanet and Power up your business.

    “The support is fantastic, it’s hands on, and you know you’re always going to get a solution when you need one.” – REVO Fitness Chief of Strategy Dain Moreton

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    Case Study

    Partner with Pentanet and Power up your business.

    “In a connected world, we shouldn’t be compromising on the internet.“ – Entire Tech Managing Director David Locke

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Let's find the right solution for your business!

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We work with the most amazing partners

In order to provide your business with everything you need to succeed we’ve partnered with a number of fantastic internet infrastructure specialists.

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More Information

The days when an internet connection was just one more box for businesses to tick off the list are long behind us. In today's always-online commercial landscape, having a reliable and scalable connection is crucial for uninterrupted business operations. That's where Pentanet's Enterprise Solutions come in.

With our Enterprise Solutions, we leverage our extensive knowledge and experience in internet connectivity to craft the perfect solution tailored to your business. We settle for nothing less than the best, exploring every connectivity option to find the one that fits your business like a glove. As proud locals in Perth, we take the time to truly understand your needs on a personal level, going above and beyond to help you find the ideal solution.

Whether your business is big or small, if connectivity, security, speed, or data storage are vital to your success, an Enterprise Solution might be precisely what you're looking for. Contact us today, and our team of connectivity experts will guide you in finding the right solution for your business goals.

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