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16th November 2022

Entire Tech offers Entire Solution with Enterprise Ethernet

Written by Team Pentanet

16th November 2022


Entire Tech is a Managed Service Provider (MSP), which means they‘re the one-stop shop for all their customer’s technology needs. With businesses becoming more technologically complex and digitally reliant, a managed service provider like Entire Tech is increasingly crucial for the success of the companies relying on them. We’ve been providing Entire Tech with Business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet for some time, helping them help their customers succeed digitally.

As Dave Locke, the managing director of Entire Tech, said, “businesses start with a strong foundation, and for us, that foundation is the internet.” All their other services rely upon a robust and stable internet connection their customers can trust. This makes it critical that they find an internet connection they’re willing to stake their name on.

When ISPs stopped offering BDSL (Business Direct Subscriber Line, an old format of business internet connection that offered up to 10Mpbs up and down), Entire Tech needed to find a new business-grade internet connection that could service their customers’ needs. They believe in a no-compromise approach and needed a provider who would offer a level of internet connection in line with that value.

That’s how they found Pentanet. Now that they’ve been with us for a few years, we sat down with Dave to discuss everything MSP and how Enterprise Ethernet (EE) has helped their clients. You can check out the interview below.

We couldn’t be happier working alongside Entire Tech to provide customers with a solid foundation to succeed in the digital landscape. Dave put it very well when he said, “in a connected world, you shouldn’t be compromising on the internet.” Enterprise Ethernet gives businesses a scalable, symmetrical solution they can rely upon and build the rest of their digital portfolio.

A solid foundation is critical and not something you can compromise upon, which is why businesses that work with Entire Tech and Pentanet Enterprise Ethernet have experienced such success. As Dave put it, “we are successful because we take a no-compromise approach; we take care of the foundations of our customer’s businesses so that they can succeed.”

That statement aligns with the Pentanet team’s own so perfectly and is part of why we’re so proud to be partnered with Entire Tech. We believe in building WA’s digitally connected future and creating a reliable internet-based foundation for it to flourish.

Business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet really does make for such a strong start for businesses looking to improve their digital capabilities. Offering symmetrical speeds up to 1,000 Mbps on a low contention network, EE lets businesses focus on what matters without worrying about bandwidth-intensive applications like cloud computing or video conferencing slowing them down.

If you think Business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet or any of our other business internet solutions could help your business succeed, you can learn more about it on our website or our business portal. If you need a Managed Service Provider to look after your business’s digital applications, then Entire Tech may help.