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12th April 2024

The power of good connections

Written by Team Pentanet

12th April 2024


Perth is one of the most amazing cities in the world, one we're proud to be able to call home. Our city is filled with diverse, unique communities brought together by the power of good connections.

In the digital era, it's easier than ever for communities to find each other. Facebook groups, subreddits, Discord servers, and Instagram pages all do their part in helping people of like minds find one another and share unforgettable moments.

As Perth's local telco, creating good connections has always been our focus. After all, your internet connection is the support network keeping you connected across the globe!

To celebrate Good Connections powered by Pentanet, we've joined forces with some truly amazing local communities. Our new campaign puts them in the spotlight as shining examples of how good connections make Perth so special.

West Perth Football Club

Good connections kick goals on and off the field, and we see that every day in our partnership with West Perth Football Club, AKA The Falcons.

From WAFL games at Pentanet Stadium in Joondalup to keeping the team and fans fed on game day to managing the players' training and schedules, managing a successful sporting team and stadium comes with tremendous amounts of logistics.

To keep all that running smoothly and get the teams on the field kicking goals, their internet connection needs to be high-speed, reliable, and next-level, and that's exactly the kind of good connection we provide them.

This connection has allowed them to flourish, creating amazing connections with their community and the Falcon's fans. Whether through the GeForce NOW Powered by CloudGG gaming hub, community engagement online, their merch store, or any of the amazing events and game days they run throughout the year, the West Perth Football Club is always making the most of their good connection with us, to make good connections with their community. It shows, too, with great turnouts every game day up at Pentanet Stadium.

Fusion Biz Co

Fusion Biz Co is a truly fantastic community of female entrepreneurs in Western Australia. They understand better than anyone that good connections are the catalyst to success and have committed themselves to creating fantastic networking events and opportunities to connect online and in person. They always have events on the horizon, and through them, Fusion Biz Co has connected thousands of women across WA. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

Pentanet is proud to play a part in Fusion Biz Co's success as the internet service provider of choice that makes these events, and the massive amounts of logistics required to organise them, possible. After all, hundreds of entrepreneurs scattered across Perth don't just find each other by chance. The core members of Fusion rely on high-speed, reliable internet connections to power live streams, reels, podcasts, and other forms of content to add more value to their members and help them find their way to making new connections at Fusion Biz Co events.

Live Action Role Play West

If you've never heard of Live Action Roleplay (LARP), you're missing out on something special. The West Australian LARP community puts together unique events that bring battles to life and fantasy to reality.

LARP in decades past would have been a niche culture for which finding participants and members would have been near impossible. Now, thanks to the power of the internet and the connections it makes possible, members of this unique community can find one another and come together for these unforgettable events.

The organisers of their events rely on their high-speed connections to coordinate these events, run Discord servers, maintain massive cloud documents with the rules and lore of their settings, and organise the logistics that go into each of these events. Without the reality of a good internet connection, the connections needed to bring their fantasy to life wouldn't be possible.

Tenterfield Terrier Club of WA

Puppy playdates are just about the cutest thing in the world, I think we can all agree. The Tenterfield Terrier Club of WA is no exception, bringing together enthusiastic pups and puppy parents for big days out in the park.

The pups don't even know all the work their parents put in through the group's Facebook page, as well as their very impressive quarterly newsletter and website organising these get-togethers for them, as well as sharing all the best moments from them and a dizzying array of content to help pup parents give their pets the best lives possible.

Just as with all the other groups, none of this would be possible without a good internet connection and high upload speeds to get the content on the net, supporting the get-togethers and bringing these pups together to play.

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