25th January 2024

Pentanet's fastest ever fibre plan has arrived!

Written by Team Pentanet

25th January 2024


We’re pleased to announce that our new Pentanet nbn™ Prime 1000/50Mbps plan is available now! Offering typical evening download speeds of 600Mbps, nbn™ Prime is our fastest nbn™ offering and a fantastic option for small businesses and homes needing a truly next-level connection.

It’s only available for addresses with nbn™ Fibre to the Premises technology and select Hybrid Fibre Coaxial connections, but don’t feel down if that doesn’t include you yet!

The Fibre Connect Program from NBNCo is upgrading homes across Australia to the fastest, lowest latency, and most reliable nbn™ fibre connection type, Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). Your home or business could be eligible for a $0 level up to a fast fibre connection, letting you enjoy nbn™ Prime and other high-speed internet plans at their best. If you’re interested in learning more about the Fibre Connect Program or to see if you’re eligible for an upgrade, get in touch with our team on 9466 2670 or email [email protected].

Just how fast is nbn™ Prime really?

After a point, all the numbers that telcos sling around can just become white noise; we get it. But Prime really is that fast. Let’s say you’re downloading a game that’s 20GB. If your connection can consistently provide 600Mbps, then 20GB should be downloaded in around five minutes (to learn more about making sense of download speeds, check out our blog on the topic).

That’s a far cry from setting a game downloading as you go to bed and hoping it might be done in the morning (as many of us did when we were younger). In fact, NBNCo says that nbn™ Prime could theoretically download the text of every single Wikipedia article (in a compressed format) in less than five minutes. Not sure why you would, but that tells you just how quick nbn™ Prime can really be.

Another great perk of nbn™ Prime is its ability to support a home or business with plenty of users making the most of their connection. Stream, game online, browse the net and participate in video calls. You can do it all at the same time without worrying about slowing each other down or overloading your connection’s bandwidth. It’s the perfect solution for a fully connected home or business.

How much does nbn™ Prime cost?

Pentanet nbn™ Prime for home is available now for $129 per month and offers our best ever Mbps per dollar value on fibre plans, and for a limited time, you can get $60 off across the first six months with code SUMMER60.

Keen to upgrade how you do business? Well, nbn™ Business Prime has you covered. Available for only $139 per month, it provides next-level speeds, perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that rely on their connection to keep the wheels turning.