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  • Well done, Pentanet team.
    It’s truly wonderful to have a Perth-based provider with great service and people who really care.
  • Great service.
    4 years in, not one issue.
  • 5 stars all the way.
    From initial sign up with Shaun, to Aaron helping me configure the router, outstanding service.
  • A real Australian company
    I’ve been with Pentanet for 5 years and have found them brilliant.
  • Excellent customer service.
    Katie went above and beyond over the course of 2 days and gave genuine help until the problem was fixed.
  • First issue after 4 years and quickly resolved!
    The person I got was very helpful and had us back up and running in quick time. Nice to have a great positive story about getting support!
  • They have restored our faith in the entire ISP system!
    All contact is with genuine very helpful and friendly people who are prepared to go beyond the norm to resolve any perceived issues a client may have.
  • Congratulations on Exceptional Service!
    After ordering the nbn® I was up and running in 5 business HOURS! That is a great experience.
  • Brilliant!
    Been with them for five years. Fast internet, awesome service, can’t go wrong with them.
  • Happy to support local business!
    I've had Pentanet for about a year & cannot fault the service!
  • Excellent service before and during our connection!
    I highly recommend Pentanet.
  • I would highly recommend Pentanet.
    I have been so happy with my service since the first day I joined them.
  • Keep up the great customer service.
    You aren’t just a number to them. They actually care.
  • Good stable internet
    Fast with gaming and normal usage. This is the best internet provider I have ever used.
  • Internet works like a boss!
    The internet works consistently. This is how I rate my internet. No spotty dropouts. No issues at all.
  • Problem-free internet!
    I made the change to Pentanet after a recommendation from a friend. Honestly - best decision.
  • Easy local company to deal with
    Always have good service and can always get hold of them if I have an issue.
  • No fuss connection
    Great company. No issue with service. Cost reduction is passed on to the customers too!
  • Fantastic local ISP
    Great service, fast speeds, and customer service second to none.
  • Amazing performance and customer service
    Never had an issue with my internet in several years with Pentanet.
  • Aaron is an absolute champion!
    Never had such a thorough investigation into my network services. Love the online customer service team, thank you!
  • Pentanet deserves 6 stars!
    They are leagues above their competitors.
  • Thanks Aaron! You are an asset to Pentanet with your enthusiasm!
    He is very knowledgeable, and I asked a bunch of questions, he always gave great suggestions.
  • Nathan from pentanet is better than the best, even the service.
    Pentanet is highly recommended - Speeds match the plan and service is super-fast.
  • Pentanet’s been my provider for 2 years and have always over delivered.
    Speeds are more than stated, and I’ve not had any problems with my connection.
  • Pentanet is the future no doubt.
    Great local company that are innovative, passionate and want to see the best outcomes for WA's internet.
    I use PENTANET for both my Business and Home internet needs. Excellent Service by the whole Team, from Sales to Techs.
  • Customer service has always been great.
    I've been a customer for 3 years now. The internet they provide is solid. Rare that I get any dropping out.
  • Great company, great service & great aftercare
    Highly recommend.
  • I was amazed with the service
    Thank you was most impressed with your effort and response.
  • I've had such a good experience with Pentanet support
    They are always so friendly, and offer solutions to any issues I've experienced.
  • Amazing service
    We had issues and they sent Aaron to our house who sorted it in no time. Great guy and great company.
  • Fixed Wireless service.
    Amazing customer service, tidy, friendly installers and hassle-free fast internet.
  • Love the service.
    Tried various nbn™ providers but all of them were the same. Absolutely love the Fixed Wireless.
  • It's perfect internet for everyone
    I had pentanet fixed wireless internet for 2+ years. I had no issues in connections. I had 60/20 speed always.
  • Great service 10/10 great Australian company.
    Harry and the team from pentanet sorted my NBN issues when everyone couldn't.
  • Great speed and reliability.
    Best part is the customer service, actually get to talk with someone from Perth!
  • I would highly recommend them as an internet provider
    Very easy to deal with and another plus side is that they're local, right here in Western Australia.
  • Excellent customer service and support
    Great service for my needs. Streaming TV shows and high-quality internet connection.
  • What more do you need from a great company like this?!
    Great to know that I can contact Pentanet right here in Perth.
  • The emails and communication from Pentanet is great, I'm always informed.
    Amazing customer service from Theo - thanks for your help and patience on the phone.
  • I've never had a single dropout since I signed on with Pentanet.
    Their customer service is five-star. Do yourself a favour and switch to Pentanet.
  • Pentanet has been a great service for my internet needs.
    I enjoy their personal approach and their local connection to businesses here in WA.
  • The most amazing customer support.
    Someone's always available, they always look for a solution and will follow up with you. Unheard of these days.
  • Pentanet is the best provider in WA
    Their service has been impeccable and the customer service is on point. I have been recommending them to everyone.
  • Best internet provider ever.
    Locally run, no fuss service.
  • Absolutely love Pentanet, they blow everyone else out the park.
    Best service ever. Never regret the switch, only wish I had done it sooner.
  • We operate our business from home
    We have been using Pentanet Fixed Wireless for some years. Thank you Pentanet!
  • Pentanet's service levels far outweigh the competition.
    I recently joined neXus and the speeds are great. Keep up the great work Pentanet!
  • Very happy with Pentanet!
    I have been on board with Nexus from the beginning. The speeds promised are delivered and the team are very friendly.
  • I continue to have fantastic service from Pentanet.
    When we tried the new neXus service we were blown away by the up & download speeds!
  • Exceptional ISP based in Perth.
    Their Fixed Wireless service is brilliantly awesome, and their quoted speed capabilities are accurate and reliable.
  • Great team, great product, and great service!
    Since switching to Pentanet's Fixed Wireless I've enjoyed fast and stable internet access.
  • I enjoy excellent internet speed and good customer service.
    Not many have heard of them; that's unfortunate as they are much better than other competitors.
  • Products that work and service to back it up.
    No reason to move elsewhere; I avoid my area's overfull node, glad that's not something I have to worry about.
  • Only wish I'd changed much sooner.
    Excellent and consistent speeds. More than 10 times faster and cheaper than my previous provider.
  • Excellent service and support plus very reliable & fast internet.
    Would recommend it, especially as it supports a local business that started in Perth.
  • I'm so glad that I made the switch over to Pentanet.
    A truly great experience; from that first interaction, everything has been easy and simple.
  • Very happy with speed and service
    We swapped from nbn as we were having dropouts and slow speeds and we haven't been upset that we did.
  • Pentanet Fixed Wireless is the GOAT.
    Reliable and stable connection. Fast download speeds. Perfect for my gaming, video conferencing & watching Kayo.
  • A perfect alternative to the nbn™!
    We were very happy with the install team, and so far, we're extremely happy with the reliability of the service!
  • Best internet in WA
    Always helpful staff. Internet speed as promised. Very prompt and kind support team too.
  • Awesome!
    Product is fantastic and very easy to use/set up, but the one thing that really separates Pentanet from the rest is their service!
  • Great internet. Excellent services.
    Amazing breath of fresh air from the nbn™. Happy with all my speeds.
  • Amazing Internet
    Very reliable connection, no dropouts. Company has been amazing to deal with always fantastic service.
  • Fantastic Service and a great connection
    I haven't had a single drop out that I've noticed since joining Pentanet. Can't rate them highly enough.
  • I will never use any other internet provider; the most outstanding service EVER!
    Thank you so much to Mason, who talked me through a very tricky nbn™ setup in our new home.
  • Quality product and service
    Having been on the nbn™ with other providers, Pentanet Fixed Wireless has been a breath of fresh air!
  • Awesomeness
    I'm a very happy Pentanet convert. The product is outstanding, but the customer service is off the charts! Five stars for Fixed Wireless.
  • The solution to FTTN problems
    WOW! My 10 years of internet complaints have come to an end. Stability is superb, speeds are constant.
  • Good connection, awesome customer service
    A dish on the roof and Bob's your uncle. If it's reliable, fast internet you're after, look no further.
  • Great Service, great internet!
    Our internet speeds have improved so much since getting Pentanet Fixed Wireless. It's made WFH so much easier.
  • Local customer service second to none.
    Moving to Pentanet was one of the best decisions I've made.
  • Huge fan of the Pentanet.GG esports team.
    Great company supporting great things.
  • The customer service is by far and away the greatest asset within this company.
    It just so happens that their product is pretty darn good too!
  • What a complete pleasure it was switching to Pentanet.
    The whole process was seamless and customer service was outstanding. Highly recommend Pentanet.
  • Very smooth installation
    Just had the new neXus installed and looking forward to using it. Shout to the technicians who went above and beyond!
  • We use Pentanet Fixed Wireless for our business, we love it!
    Much faster than what we had before. For an online business that's super important!
  • I recommend Pentanet for my clients.
    Local support and service and attentive to my client's needs. Great product offerings.
  • The Pentanet team are so friendly!
    Pentanet have superfast internet and we've had no issues with our connection since switching over to them.
  • My Fixed Wireless is first class!
    They were professional, friendly as well as knowledgeable and I thoroughly recommend Pentanet.
  • Cannot recommend highly enough. I am so glad I made the change.
    It's refreshing to have the speeds I'm suddenly getting. The service is outstanding.

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