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10th January 2023

It’s a Pirate's Life for me!

Written by Team Pentanet

10th January 2023


The best hospitality Perth has to offer, spread across nine brands and multiple venues, Sneakers & Jeans keep things jumping all year round from their CBD HQ, Pirate Life Perth. They're always doing something exciting, and we help them keep it all running smoothly with Pentanet business-grade internet connections.

Sneakers & Jeans is a name that stands out, but as their CEO Andy Freeman explains, "it says a little bit about who we are and how we go about our business. We're a multi-award-winning hospitality operator made up of energetic, creative and passionate rockstars who thrive on creating some of Perth's most exciting and original venues, events and collaborations!" 

Andy came to us because he needed an internet connection that could keep up with the upload speeds his business requires, but more than that, he needed a partner he could trust would help to look after Sneakers & Jeans. 

As he put it, "We're a multi-faceted company with a very broad range of unique venues across the Perth CBD. We manage the majority of our business affairs and collateral in-house, from marketing to events, finance to music. At any one time, our business can be uploading huge videos, transferring large, confidential files or working with sensitive information online. That's not to mention the new point of sales, digital systems, phone systems and more. We have lots of content across nine brands – this needs to be swift and efficient and not affect others sharing the internet at the same time." 

To meet this need, we recommended a range of custom solutions and connection types to suit their many venues different needs, including business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet. This symmetrical solution provides speeds up to 1,000Mbps and enjoys lower contention rates than other fibre systems, making it perfect for companies with high bandwidth requirements.  

"It's a big transition moving from one provider to another, but we're glad we did. For a company like ours, with an office and POS working 24 hours per day and going through such growth – having good, reliable internet is non-negotiable."  

Since the transition, Andy and the Sneakers & Jeans team have been over the moon with our partnership, even calling moving to Pentanet one of the best commercial decisions they've ever made, which really had us blushing.

Andy told us that this is not just because of the high-speed Pentanet powered internet connection but because; "Pentanet works with us as a partner, rather than as a client. This is an integral quality we look for when we meet with and/or collaborate with other businesses – we're looking for more than just a service – we're looking for someone who is invested in our success. A partner. And we found that with the team at Pentanet. They've been very supportive and hands on, and any issues have been dealt with in a flash. We feel part of the Pentanet family – and they're a part of our S&J family." 

So, if you're looking for a local internet service provider who'll treat you like more than just a client, we've got S&J's vote. If you're looking for someone to host amazing events at some of the most fantastic venues in Perth, well, Sneakers & Jeans have our vote.