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26th October 2023

What is 5G Fixed Wireless?

Written by Team Pentanet

26th October 2023


You might have noticed by now that we’ve made some exciting changes to our Pentanet Fixed Wireless internet offerings. Our new plans provide fantastic value for money, unlimited data, and better speeds than ever before, thanks to a very special new addition to the Pentanet network. 

We’ve been hard at work upgrading our towers with high-performance 5G Fixed Wireless infrastructure to deliver a superior experience worthy of the title ‘next level.’ 5G, essentially the ‘fifth generation’ of connectivity, delivers higher speeds and lower latency at shorter ranges. Read on to learn more about Pentanet’s 5G Fixed Wireless, the next level of connectivity for Perth!

How is Pentanet 5G different from traditional Fixed Wireless? 

Traditional Fixed Wireless operates on the 5GHz frequency band, while 5G technology operates in the 24-27GHz band, also known as millimetre-wave (mmWave). High-frequency bands offer much higher speeds and lower latency connections but operate at shorter ranges from our towers, so 5G Fixed Wireless availability is still limited. We’ve upgraded several of our towers to provide 5G connectivity and will continue to install additional upgrades and increase our 5G Fixed Wireless coverage across Perth.

Pentanet has acquired a 15-year license for high band 26GHz from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), meaning we have much more control over the frequencies in which we operate and can eliminate interference that could affect wireless connection performance.

How is Pentanet 5G Fixed Wireless different from 5G Home Broadband? 

The primary difference between Pentanet 5G Fixed Wireless and 5G Home Broadband is how you're connected to the networks. 5G Home Broadband uses the same 5G mobile network your mobile phone would and needs to pass from the broadcast tower through the walls of your home to the 5G Modem. Meanwhile, 5G Fixed Wireless establishes a direct line of sight connection from a dish on your roof to one of our towers, which provides less interference and a much stronger signal.

Because solid objects, such as other buildings or even the walls of your home, can disrupt 5G signals, this direct connection allows 5G Fixed Wireless to deliver a far more reliable, high-speed connection directly to our purpose-built Fixed Wireless network.

Like other connections, your router creates a Wi-Fi signal for your home, which obstructions in the home can still disrupt. We recommend our Wi-Fi setup service for the best Wi-Fi experience. One of our customer success officers will visit your home, help you eliminate dead spots around the home, and establish the optimal setup for your Wi-Fi.

Introducing the 5G Fixed Wireless Performance plan

The Fixed Wireless 5G Performance plan is our fastest Fixed Wireless plan yet. Using advanced 5G technology, the Performance and Performance+ plans offer a whopping 200Mbps download speed and your choice of 20Mbps or 30Mbps upload. In addition, it is our lowest latency Fixed Wireless connection to date, making it an excellent choice for even the most passionate gamer or diligent home worker. 

The 5G Fixed Wireless Performance plan is currently available for $109 per month! If you want higher speeds, lower latency, and a reliable connection across all the devices in your home, the Performance plan is the perfect solution. Click here to check your address and level up your connection.

We also recommend upgrading your router to something like the Pentanet Prism Edge to make sure your Wi-Fi signal is super strong throughout the home. After all, you wouldn’t put bicycle wheels on a Ferrari!