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19th June 2023

Laying the foundations for success: Aaron’s story

Written by Team Pentanet

19th June 2023


We’re born Perth locals, and that means we like to go that extra step for our subscribers; after all, you’re our neighbours too! We don’t just flip a switch, hand you a router and send you on your merry way. No, we’re all about taking things to the next level. Next-level speeds, sure, but what would those speeds be without next-level service? That’s where our Customer Success Officer, Aaron, takes centre stage.

Aaron’s been a member of the Pentanet family for two years now and has really dug out his own niche. His mission is to make sure you’re getting the most out of your connection by optimising your home setup and teaching you everything you need to know to get by any hiccups that might come up along the way. We managed to catch Aaron for a quick chat about how he makes the magic happen. Read on as we pick his brain all about his role and his depthless knowledge on all things internet.

Aaron’s guide to a next-level home internet experience!

  1. Get a decent router. Poor hardware can fail a good plan. I really recommend the routers we stock since they were chosen specifically for our plans and for the best experience on high-bandwidth applications. 
  2. Always use a wired connection where possible. Ethernet is your friend. 
  3. When using Wi-Fi, position your router properly. Somewhere close to the centre of your home.
  4. When your connection isn’t performing as it should be – ask for help. Whether it’s a call with your ISP or booking a visit with me (or another local tech-to-you company for non-Pentanet subscribers!), you don’t have to go it alone. 

All about your success

Aaron is the frontman of our Wi-Fi Setup Service, visiting our subscribers at home to optimise their setup and internet connection. This can be as simple as finding a better spot for their router or helping them log in to their devices but is often much more complex! 

He has the expertise in networking and hardware to help subscribers optimise their home’s Wi-Fi setup, navigating around obstructions and disruptive elements to ensure that anyone on our service gets the next-level speeds they paid for.  He's a real people person too, and often finds himself hanging around to help talk you through everything you need to know and answer any questions you may have.

Aaron described the essence of his role as being all about user success. “When you sign up for a connection with us, I'm there, setting up your router in the optimal spot, setting up your TV and your Chromecast, and teaching you everything you need to know so you can enjoy the best user experience from the word go." How good does that sound? 

With his expertise in connectivity, Aaron has helped countless users set up their homes for the ultimate experience. With over five years of experience working in the industry, he is well-versed in all things hardware and knows more than just his Wi's from his Fi's when it comes to smart homes.

Smart home smart picks

For everyone looking to set up their home with all the next-level technology, we asked Aaron for his picks on the best smart home appliances. Here are his picks:

Best home assistant: Google Home

"It's one of the most advanced voice assistants that's easy to use and has fantastic cross-platform integration."

Best smart lighting: Philips Hue

"Philips hue lighting has a wide range of lighting options that are easy to set up and use; they also last a long time. Make sure to use the Philips Hue Bridge for quick response time when controlling the lights."

Best smart security: eufy security cameras

"No subscription, easy to set up with the Eufy Bridge and compatible with a wide range of devices. Has high-quality images and a huge range of security devices."

Best router: Pentanet Prism Edge Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router

"It's a new device that's Wi-fi 6 compatible with a great range and allows the user to adjust settings with ease. It also has its own Pentanet interface, and it looks super cool for a router."

Frequently fixed problems

The most common issues Aaron resolves when setting up new subscribers tend to be related to internal networking and poor Wi-Fi coverage. “Compensating for how the house has been designed and eliminating the little things that can obstruct a Wi-Fi network will improve your coverage and connectivity. I also regularly assist with tech device setup, connecting all your various smart devices to get the whole smart home running and bypassing the hassle of changing providers."

This job wouldn't be for everyone; after all, plenty of us tech-geeks are natural introverts, but Aaron loves it. "I like being able to get out there and create an experience for the subscriber that's enjoyable, exciting and easy. Too often, people just receive a router from a distant, unresponsive provider, so it makes me proud that I can make people feel confident in their choice to go with a 100% local provider who cares and does more than just switch on their internet and call their job done."

Aaron’s quick-fix Wi-Fi tips

Aaron’s the bee’s knees when it comes to setting up a home Wi-Fi network for success, so we asked him for a couple of quick and easy tips you can use to make the most of your connection;

Location location location: Finding the right place for your router can make all the difference in the world. It’s best off in the centre of your home or close to devices that will need a wireless connection. Distance and physical obstructions degrade a Wi-Fi signal, so reducing both between your router and devices should give you better performance all around.

Rickety routers: Older routers aren’t always able to keep up with the speeds provided by newer plans. If your router is a bit long in the tooth, Aaron recommends the Pentanet Prism Edge Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router (RRP $399, now $220! ) or AmpliFi Alien (RRP $899) for the best Wi-Fi experience.

Using the right channel: 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi channels both have their own advantages, with 5Ghz being faster at close range but 2.4Ghz being more stable at distance. Choosing the right one when connecting to your router can make a big impact on your Wi-Fi performance.

Maximising your connection

Aaron's commitment to our subscribers reflects Pentanet’s broader values as a service provider. Perth is our home, and, just like Aaron, we’re here to provide the people of Perth with the best internet experience possible. 

Aaron's favourite part of his job is witnessing the transformative power of a good router and cable setup on internet performance. He has seen subscribers so thrilled with the significant speed improvement that they have hugged him out of disbelief. Aaron is here to rectify past negative experiences and ensure our subscribers receive the high-speed internet they deserve.

To sum it all up, Aaron said that at the end of the day, "I just want subscribers to understand that they should be getting what they pay for, and it’s so often such a quick fix to their internal setup that will get them there. I like helping them to put a face to their internet provider, to help them make their internet connection the best it can be so they can build great memories through digital experiences."

Aaron and the rest of Team Pentanet are committed to the people of Perth, working tirelessly to help you create unforgettable moments and meaningful connections. 

Interested in our Wi-Fi Setup Service?

You can learn more about the Wi-Fi Setup Service and book your appointment here. The Omega package is also included free of charge with every Pentanet Fixed Wireless setup when purchased with a Pentanet router