NBN Plans Perth

NBN Plans Perth

Flexible Pentanet nbn™ internet plans for every lifestyle.

We’ve got your back. Whether you need a reliable connection for a bit of light browsing or a high-speed, low latency service with unlimited data for daily streaming and gaming, there’s a Pentanet nbn™️ plan to match your needs.

All Pentanet nbn™️ plans are backed by our 100% Perth local customer service. Ditch overseas support and join the WA telco fighting against ordinary internet.

  • No lock-in contracts
  • Get connected and online fast
  • Minimal downtime when switching
  • 100% local support and service

Ready to build your perfect nbn™ plan? Let's go!

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+$0 Setup

Total min cost $828 over 12 months

Unlimited Data

A collection of 3 devices

Ideal for small households with light browsing and streaming

Up to 1-3 users

Typical evening speeds 24Mbps

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+$0 Setup

Total min cost $948 over 12 months

Unlimited Data

A collection of 5 devices

Suitable for medium households with everyday use

Up to 3-6 users

Typical evening speeds 44Mbps

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Most Popular!


+$0 Setup

Total min cost $1,188 over 12 months

Unlimited Data

A collection of 8 devices

Great for large households with heavy usage

Up to 6-9 users

Typical evening speeds 80Mbps

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+$0 Setup

Total min cost $1,308 over 12 months

Unlimited Data

A collection of 9 devices

Designed for heavy household usage with boosted upload speed

Up to 6-9 users

Typical evening speeds 80Mbps

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We believe Perth deserves faster internet, local customer service and a focus on quality. So that’s what you’ll get as part of the Pentanet family!

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Check your address, complete your application form, and you’re good to go! We’ll guide you through the process to get you connected and online without the hassle.

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Low Contention

Our focus is on delivering a quality, reliable connection for you and your family. No overcrowding means plenty of bandwidth to go around. Simple, really!

The internet we have has never been so fast. I'm so happy we're with these guys. It feels personal and that's important.

Debra Dunlea | Via Google

We want to marry Pentanet. Transformed our life.

Holly Wood | Via Facebook

Having somebody local who actually understands the service you are receiving is a breath of fresh air.

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Service Notice:
Please ensure that you do not cancel your existing service before being connected to Pentanet nbn™.

nbn™ Speeds:
For FTTN/FTTB/FTTC customers, until your service is activated we are unable to confirm your maximum attainable speed. If it is found that the network infrastructure underlying your connection to the nbn™ is not capable of providing the speed tier you have nominated, we will inform you and offer to change your plan to a lower speed tier. Speeds experienced may be lower due to various factors such as line distance, in-premises wiring and limitations of your devices.

nbn™ New Development Charge:
If nbn™ determine your service address is within the site boundary of a new development this could incur a once-off fee of $300. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know prior and request your permission to proceed with your service application.

Fair Usage:
Fair use applies, for more information please see our Fair Use Policy.

Power Outages, Medical and Security Alarms:
Unlike copper-based legacy telecommunications networks, FTTP technology is unable to carry electrical power to a customer’s premises, and instead requires mains power within the customer’s premises for the normal operation of the nbn™ service. In the event of a power outage, a battery backup power supply unit is required to provide power to the Network Termination Device, allowing some elements of the telephone service to operate for approximately 5 hours. Pentanet does not provide battery backup power supply units for nbn™ FTTP services. You should be aware that during a mains power outage:

  • Your Network Termination Device (NTD) will not function.
  • Your internet connection will not operate.
  • Your telephone handset connected via your nbn™ NTD will not work, therefore you will not be able to receive or make calls, including calls to Emergency 000 services.
  • Your back-to-base alarm system or medical alarm which relies on an internet connection will not work.
Pentanet recommends ensuring a fully charged mobile phone is available in the event you need to make emergency calls during a power outage.

Priority Assistance:
Please note that Pentanet does not offer a Priority Assistance service. Priority Assistance is an enhanced telephone and connection service, offered by Telstra, for people with life-threatening medical conditions.

Medical and security alarms:
Before submitting your application for service, you should first contact your alarm provider to assess whether your alarm is compatible with an nbn™ service. If your alarm is not compatible, you’ll need to identify what alternatives are available with your alarm provider. Be sure to register with the nbn™ Medical Alarm Register .

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