Perth’s LOCAL High Speed NBN & Fixed-Wireless Provider

Pentanet is a Perth-based start-up passionate about high-speed internet. We believe Perth deserves internet speeds comparable to, if not better than, other countries leading the tech revolution.

Delivering high-speed internet to over 80% of the Perth metro area, we’re proudly powering Perth with the internet you deserve through our NBN, LBN and private fixed-wireless network.

Let us find the best solution for your home or business! See below for our services, and when you’re ready – you can check your address on our home page to see what’s available in your area.

Feel free to contact us via live chat, email or phone.

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Looking for high-speed internet?

Check your address to see what’s available at your home or business.

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Get your internet up to speed with Pentanet Fixed Wireless.

Superfast internet at your home or business in a matter of days - consider it done! Pentanet Fixed Wireless is simple, fast and reliable. We simply install a data point inside and put a small dish on your roof that talks to our private network via one of many transmission towers.

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Not all NBN is created equal.

Flexible Pentanet nbn™ packages and plans for every lifestyle. Whether you just need a stable connection to browse online, a high-speed service with unlimited data for daily streaming and gaming, or something in between - we got you!

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Get high-speed internet direct to your home or business with Pentanet LBN.

We’ve partnered with the LBNCo to connect your home to our own superfast network, built and operated from right here in Perth. Ready to live life in the fast lane? It’s time to get powered by Pentanet!

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Be the hero of your high-rise with Pentanet Apartments.

Pentanet’s Apartment Broadband service uses our own private, high-performance wireless network to deliver the internet to your apartment building and to your premises.

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Your business deserves superfast, reliable internet you can count on.

When you’re running a business, you just need things to work. From Business Fixed Wireless to unlimited Enterprise Fibre 1000, Pentanet business solutions are designed to help you soar.

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