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15th September 2021


GeForce NOW Beta Play Announcement

Written by Team Pentanet

15th September 2021



Hey gamers, we’ve got news: the future of Australian gaming is finally here.

Clear the calendar and complete your Beta Quests because it’s almost time for GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet Beta Play! 😉

Beta Play for GeForce NOW launches on 22 September 2021. Beta Play Testers will have free unlimited access to GeForce NOW for the duration of the Beta, enabling them to play their favourite games on almost any device with a solid internet connection. Beta Play Testers will also be pleased to know that they’ll be playing with RTX On, which means that the highest level of graphical experience available on PC and next-gen consoles will work on any device you choose to play on.

We want Beta Play Testers to game creatively. We want you to use GeForce NOW to take your favourite games to places you never thought they’d be able to go. Some Assassins Creed Valhalla on your smartphone at the park? Sure, why not? A few Cyberpunk 2077 missions on your old work laptop? Yes, please. A cheeky ARAM during your lunch break? Go on… we won’t tell anyone.

Our dev team will use data collected during Beta Play to test our servers, collect performance data, and crush any bugs we find to ensure a smooth transition into GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet’s public release in October 2021. We want to push and test the capability of the platform so that we can truly understand the limits of this new technology on Australian networks.

Since the announcement of Beta Play this June, over 125,000 Beta Quests have been completed in the CloudGG portal. Players completing these quests have helped us to understand the needs of gamers all around Australia. If you’ve already logged on to CloudGG and completed all of your Beta Quests, thank you. Your responses have helped us build the roadmap for our national launch.

Of the 60,000+ gamers who registered their interest for Beta Play, only a small batch of players will be granted access to the first phase of testing on 22 September. As the Beta progresses, a gradually increasing number of players will be invited to join the Beta every few days.

Beta Play Testers will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • CloudGG XP Rankings: The first group of Testers will predominantly be made up of players with the highest CloudGG XP. When deciding which players are added to the Beta after 22 September, CloudGG XP will always be considered.
  • Variety: The remaining Testers who will be invited to the testing initial phase and the groups we invite in the days and weeks following will be selected on the basis of adding variety to the testing pool. Including a diverse range of players is important when stress testing the system; we want to include gamers who play different games, on different devices, on different networks, and in different locations.

Now is your last chance to activate your CloudGG account and complete quests to boost your chance of being selected for the first stage of Beta Play.

If you don’t receive a Beta Play invitation on the 22nd, don’t panic! Finish off any outstanding Beta Quests and keep your eyes on your inbox, your invitation could arrive at any moment.

The launch of GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet is a big moment for cloud gaming in Australia and we want you to be a part of it.

Watch the Checkpoint Beta video below for all the info you need before the Beta launches on September 22 from our Founder and Managing Director, Stephen Cornish.

If you’re in Australia and want to be involved in Beta Play, make sure you sign up for an account at my.cloud.gg/register!