7th February 2023


Safer Internet Day 2023

Written by Team Pentanet

7th February 2023



Pentanet was founded by people who love online gaming and has since flourished into an organisation that loves, appreciates, and supports all things internet. That’s why we take internet safety as seriously as we do.

We’re proud to support Safer Internet Day on February 7th, doing our part to tackle online abuse and promote healthy online behaviour. Safer Internet Day is a fantastic time to raise awareness about the part we can all play in creating a better and safer internet. 2023’s Safer Internet Day is very special as this February 7th will mark the 20th anniversary of the event.

This anniversary makes for a fantastic time to reflect on the past two decades and look forwards to the future. After all, the internet has come on leaps and bounds in the last twenty years, and the world is more connected than ever, making online safety awareness a critical skill.

We are joining the eSafety Commissioner to support Safer Internet Day, and we encourage you to get involved and Connect. Reflect. Protect.

Connect safely and with purpose

The internet is more accessible than ever, public WiFi is everywhere, and it can seem like the most convenient thing in the world. But you always have to keep in mind, you're not the only one connecting to these networks and these days simply sharing a network can be enough for people to gain access to your device, when you're connecting to a network, app, or website, take the time to consider whether it seems safe or reputable.

Never perform sensitive activities on public networks, activities such as online banking are prime targets for those looking to gain access to your information and accounts. Keep apps and devices secure with effective passwords and 2-factor-authentication to avoid your details being stolen.

When you engage on social media or other sharing platforms, remember that once something is on the internet it tends to be there for good. Even if you delete a post there are ways for those in the know to recover it and use it against you. Before we post, we always need to...

Reflect before we act

Always take the time to ask yourself, 'is this worth it?' What we do online has the ability to affect the lives of ourselves and others. People can be hurt by what we say online, and we can be hurt by what others see in our posts. Be careful what information you give away because you never know how people may be able to use that info, whether that be getting access to your passwords, or worse.

Social media might be a great place to share special moments from your life, but before you post more personal things you might not want strangers or employers to see, take a second to reflect. Once something has been posted, it's not easy to take back. So, to avoid personal information falling into the wrong hands, to make the internet a safe place for everyone, where we can enjoy ourselves and confidently engage in online activity, we need to...

Protect ourselves and others by taking action

Protecting yourself by instituting good internet habits is a fantastic start, but there's always more we can do. Use a password manager, mix up the passwords you use with its suggested ones, make yourself accountable for what you do online and take the time to review your activities. Most importantly, tell family, friends, or colleagues about eSafety and to visit esafety.gov.au for advice, and support and to report online abuse.

Visit esafety.gov.au/sid to sign up and learn more about Safer Internet Day, and online safety in general.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

In the past few years, Pentanet has always taken the time to do something for Safer Internet Day, after all, this is a topic that’s particularly near and dear to our hearts. Back in 2020, we ran a pledge that had even members of the Perth Wildcats signing up to do their part.

In 2021, we shared a host of resources to help others do more to making the internet a safer place.

In 2022, as part of the play it fair campaign, we made our own take on the classic 90's ads we all remember from DVD's and VHS tapes, one that sees regular replays around the office.

Looking forward to the future, we’re going to continue doing our part in making the internet a safer place for everyone. Below, we’ve included links to a variety of resources to help you use the internet more safely.

·         More about Safer Internet Day: esafety.gov.au/newsroom/whats-on/safer-internet-day.

·         Download the Guide: Online Safety for Parents & Carers.

·         Smart Gift Guide: how to choose tech toys for young people.

·         Your Privacy Rights: what happens to information you share on social media.

·         Key Issues: how to address them, protect your family and when to take action.