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20th September 2023

Unleashing Ultra – Pentanet unveils a new era in Australian Cloud Gaming!

Written by Team Pentanet

20th September 2023


Today marks the release of ‘Ultra’, a brand-new membership tier for GeForce NOW Powered by CloudGG cloud gaming in Australia. If you’re a gamer yourself, you’re probably already as pumped as we are. If you’re not... well, here’s why you should get excited!

What is GeForce NOW Powered by CloudGG?

For the uninitiated, GeForce NOW Powered by CloudGG cloud gaming is the ultimate way to play games without needing to invest in pricey consoles or custom PCs. The platform was developed by global tech juggernaut NVIDIA, and your friends here at Pentanet are Australia’s exclusive provider down under (CloudGG is our gaming division, in case you were wondering!)

With a monthly subscription, GeForce NOW lets you connect remotely to our high-powered gaming infrastructure (ie. supercomputers in the cloud) and use them to transform anything from your grandma's old laptop to your kid sister's hand-me-down tablet into a gaming powerhouse. 

There are already 1500+ games supported in GeForce NOW’s own content library, and Microsoft recently entered into an agreement with NVIDIA to bring PC Game Pass titles to the GeForce NOW cloud. This makes it easier than ever to enjoy a huge library of games with amazing performance. You can read more about that here

Sounds awesome, so what’s Ultra?

Powered by our NVIDIA RTX 3080 SuperPOD infrastructure, Ultra provides visuals unmatched by our other plans, easily on par with even the best gaming PCs! It’s capable of 1440p at 120 frames per second (fps) and beautiful 4K at 60fps on both PC and Mac. It even allows gamers on select Android mobile devices to enjoy games at a silky smooth 120fps. Ultra also gives players more control than ever, with widescreen monitor support and total control of in-game settings. 

Put all of that together, and Ultra is the best way to play in the cloud, giving you unparalleled performance and fantastic visuals on all the newest titles.

That’s amazing; sign me up!

Let’s do it. Ultra is available now for only $29.99 per month or $27.50/m when you join for six months, paid upfront. Keen to get started? You can sign up at cloud.gg and start your adventure in the cloud today.

What does this mean for Australian gamers?

Ultra represents a fresh success in our commitment to Australian cloud gaming.

Once upon a time, no one thought cloud gaming could work in Australia… well, except for us! Time and time again, we've shown the doubters who's boss. Ultra is living proof that Australian cloud gaming is nothing short of AWESOME. 

Pentanet was born with a mission to not only revolutionise Aussie internet but also to take Australian gaming to the next level. As PC hardware prices soar, building a high-powered gaming rig becomes increasingly out of reach, especially for casual gamers. This is where cloud gaming emerges as the ultimate solution. NVIDIA saw our commitment to gamers, which is why they chose  us as their exclusive alliance partner to bring GeForce NOW to Australia.

What does this mean for Australian internet?

Ultra fills us with immense pride as it showcases the boundless possibilities that cloud technology presents to Australia – not only for gamers but for everyone. In today's world, cloud applications have become indispensable, and we are unwavering in our commitment to continually enhance our connectivity offerings for gamers and non-gamers alike, ensuring you enjoy them at their absolute best. Looking forward, Pentanet is only going to continue to excel to give everyone, gamer or not, the very best.

Curious to try ultra cloud gaming for yourself? Sign up today at https://cloud.gg.