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28th September 2022

Benefits of business NBN™ Enterprise Ethernet

Written by Team Pentanet

28th September 2022


How businesses operate online is changing for the better thanks to business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet. Once upon a time, upload speed didn’t matter. For most residential properties, it still doesn’t. People go home and stream Netflix, with no need to send anything back out. But that isn’t the case for businesses, especially now in the era of video conference calls, cloud storage and remote working. Upload speed has never been more important, but most plans still place it secondary to download, operating at a fifth, or less, of the download speed provided.

That’s where business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet comes in, a network solution designed specifically for businesses with large bandwidth requirements. With enhanced support capabilities, and symmetrical speeds nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is the perfect solution for bandwidth-heavy businesses. 

Developed by NBN Co as a solution for businesses in this new digital era; business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is a large-scale business nbn™ fibre connection, operating on its own infrastructure separate to standard fibre connections.  

With symmetrical speeds, you’re able to support multiple users within your business engaging in video conferencing at the same time. Not only does the heightened upload capacity improve outgoing video and audio quality, it also allows you to prioritise critical traffic and seamlessly operate other bandwidth intensive applications without disruption to conference calls.  

MS Teams from Office 365 with its rich in-built services and other similar applications were developed with stable internet connections in mind. On a standard connection, with low upload capabilities, these applications can be disrupted by other users utilising data intensive applications across the business.  

As businesses scale up and take on more staff, their bandwidth requirements will only continue to grow. There are a range of business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet plans available up to 1,000/1,000Mbps to match whatever your business may require without the addition of any further infrastructure post-installation. You’re able to scale your plan to suit your needs as they change and because business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet operates on its own independent infrastructure, if you require speeds higher than 1,000Mbps, speak to our team to see what is possible.

In addition, business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet comes with enhanced support capabilities. Standard networks come with standard support from NBN Co, which, with extended response times, may not be enough when business critical capabilities can be compromised by a downed network. 

If business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet seems like it would be valuable for your business, and you’d like to learn more you can check out the FAQ to have all your questions answered. Get in touch with our team today and we’d be glad to help you determine if it’s a suitable upgrade path for your business.