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4th November 2022

Coffeefusion’s brewing up a storm with Pentanet Business Internet

Written by Team Pentanet

4th November 2022


We got to sit down for a coffee with Gary Sawyer from Coffeefusion and learn more about how CF has become a platform that lets Perth's coffee lovers enjoy the world's best beans, brewed to blissful perfection. As coffee fiends ourselves, we couldn't be happier to be supporting CF with a Pentanet business internet connection.

Coffeefusion is a fantastic Perth-based online coffee roaster and education platform that's making the most of YouTube and social media to teach people from Perth and around the world to roast and brew better coffee, such as with this guide on making the perfect Aussie Flat White (yes there is more than one way to make a Flat White).

Once upon a time, founder of Coffeefusion Gary Sawyer started the channel to log his learnings as he got started as a barista. There was a real dearth (good word, right?) of regular coffee content on Youtube, and he saw a chance to be the one to fill it. Since then, he's tasted various roles within the coffee industry, before choosing roaster as his favourite brew. All his subscribers, us included, have been with him every step of the way as he passes on teachings from across the industry and the world. He's always exploring global coffee culture and bringing it home to his Perth subscribers, whether it's introducing us to East African coffee beans or taking us on a journey through the world of Costa Rican coffee, there's always something new to learn from Gary.

Now, with 67 thousand+ subscribers, Gary's fusing education with online shopping to become more than just a content platform. Offering a coffee bean subscription service, Gary gives subscribers total control of how they like their coffee beans while teaching them how to make the most of those beans. The coffee education hub has been on a Pentanet business internet connection for several years. We're proud to say it has made an enormous difference in its ability to succeed on online platforms.

With Coffeefusion being online-only, Gary's not doing any business while offline. If his connection is slow, order fulfilment efficiency and his ability to upload videos are tanked. Creating content and being an online vendor makes connection speed to the internet, especially upload speed, critical. After all, Gary's high-quality video content helps him grow his audience and get more people drinking great coffee.

Gary told us that "on my previous internet connection, I'd have to leave an upload going overnight for it to have hopefully finished uploading in the morning... Our internet service before Pentanet had a lot of unexplained downtime. This would be super frustrating when you're trying to upload video content."

A stable connection with a high upload speed was critical to Gary's success, so he went on the hunt for a new provider who could offer just that. Of all things, what led him to us was his support of the Perth Wildcats! After doing some research, he decided it was time to make the switch. In no time at all, this proved to be the perfect choice for Coffeefusion and Gary. He says that after moving to Pentanet, "I feel like I am part of a family. We talk about basketball in the DMs, and they actively engage with you on social media. This resonates with me as I also have an online business and try to do the same."

The most significant change since moving to a Pentanet nbn™ plan has been "the speed with which I can upload content. Previously I'd click the upload button before bed, knowing it would finish uploading at some point through the night and hopefully not have an error. When I upload videos now, I can upload bigger files, which go up before my eyes. The upload speed of my connection is several times faster than it used to be with my previous provider. Having a more reliable connection means getting on with the task and not worrying about upload errors or failing to meet a deadline."

"I feel like Pentanet is a quality-focused company. I have been with Pentanet for a few years now, and outages have been super rare. Whenever I've worked with support, they have been super helpful and resolved my issue quickly. But most importantly, the internet connection is just fast and works."

It was great to catch up with Gary and hear how happy he has been with the fusion between our two businesses. We can't wait to catch up with him again, whether we're both cheering on the Perth Wildcats or enjoying some fantastic coffee.

Check out their website, YouTube, and Instagram through the links to learn more about Coffeefusion.