Fixed Wireless antenna on the roof

Whether you’re renting a family home in Joondalup or a one-bedroom unit in Vic Park, getting superfast Fixed Wireless in your rental property is possible.

What is Fixed Wireless?

Pentanet Fixed Wireless is a superfast internet service delivered through the air via a small dish installed on the roof of your home, similar to the dish installed for a pay tv service. The dish emits a signal which connects to our private network of Perth Fixed Wireless telecommunications towers using a line-of-sight methodology. It is completely independent of the NBN, owned and operated from right here in Perth.

For a short video on how Fixed Wireless works, click here.

Benefit to the Homeowner

Enabling a home or office rental with high-speed internet is a great way to give the property an edge for prospective tenants. You can market the property as ‘internet-ready’, connected to our private internet network capable of delivering speeds faster than standard NBN or ADSL in the area. They can just move straight in and start enjoying their superfast connection!

Fast. Reliable. Local Internet. Click to join Perth's superfast network today! Fast. Reliable. Local Internet. Click to join Perth's superfast network today!

Sounds great. How do I get it?

Our interactive address checker here will help you check if your rental is eligible for our Fixed Wireless internet service. We have over 40 Fixed Wireless towers covering a large percentage of the Perth metropolitan area.

Which type of rental properties can get Fixed Wireless Internet?

Houses, townhouses and units are all no problem, as long as you have line-of-sight to a tower! You can check that here.

What if I live in an apartment?

Apartments can be more complex as accessibility can be an issue, but it can be done with the right setup! Please get in touch with our Onboarding team on (08) 9466 2670 or [email protected] - we can evaluate your apartment and let you know how we can help.

Installation & Setup

A standard install consists of a small dish mounted on the property’s roof with an ethernet cable run through the roof cavity, dropped inside a wall and terminated in a standard ethernet data point.

Our installation teams are ACMA accredited technicians or qualified electricians. When installing the dish, the installer will always aim to install in a discreet location where possible.

We work with various dish sizes depending on how far from a transmitter tower the property is located. The standard dish used in 95% of our installs is around 400mm (similar size to a Foxtel dish).

Our consumer terms outline our full responsibility for installation, click here to view

What happens when I leave the property?

On completion of your contract with Pentanet, our installers will attend site to remove the equipment, at no extra charge. The dish will be removed from the roof with all install points patched and sealed.

It is also possible to leave the installation in place for the new tenant should they wish to connect to the Pentanet network. Our team welcomes discussions with property managers and landlords to facilitate this - a home enabled with high-speed internet could be a great selling point for their next tenant!

Do I have to ask my landlord?

We always recommend getting permission from your landlord to install Fixed Wireless, as installation requires works on the roof and walls of the rental property. Our installation is similar to a Foxtel service and we’re more than happy to chat to them directly to explain what’s involved.

Enabling the home with Fixed Wireless internet is also a huge selling point for a property owner - it may just give their property an edge on the market!

What if I'm only staying short term?

We have many options to suit your rental lease term, from no lock-in contract for flexibility to a long-term commitment if you’re sticking around!

Month-to-month option with an upfront investment
The $299 upfront cost will cover the initial standard installation and removal of equipment when you leave the property. This is a no lock-in contract option perfect for residential or commercial tenants who want superfast internet NOW with the ultimate flexibility to move when you need to.

12 month contract with no upfront investment
When you commit to us, we’ll commit to you with a discounted standard installation fee of $0! If you’re not sure how long you’re staying, your landlord may be open to sharing the cost of the installation so they can include it as a selling point for the next tenant, or signing the house up to a 12 month contract so you just pay the monthly plan cost.

Standard installation fees and contract terms:

  • 12 months: $0
  • No Lock In: $299

The monthly plan cost is from $59 for residential connections - you can check out our Fixed Wireless internet plans.

Let's get started!

Great, you’re going to love your new Pentanet Fixed Wireless connection! Get started by checking your address using our address checker below. If you or your property manager have any further questions - please feel free to contact our friendly team via live chat below or on (08) 9466 2670

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