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19th November 2018


Getting ready for Fixed Wireless internet at your place

Written by Team Pentanet

19th November 2018



So you’ve signed up for Fixed Wireless with Pentanet? That not only makes you one smart customer but it prepares you for the exciting next step: getting superfast, local internet and best of all, never having to deal with an overseas call centre again.

Our friendly team are going to get you connected in a jiffy, but in the meantime here’s some things to know ahead of your installation.

What do I need to do to prep for installation?

Unlike tidying a house before your in-laws arrive, getting ready for your Pentanet installer is dead easy. And don’t stress, we WON’T be digging up your backyard.

All you need is an ethernet WAN capable router (whoa, easy tiger…that sounds techy right?!).

Don’t worry! We have them available for purchase. All you need to do is let us know you need one BEFORE we send the team to your property. This way we can bring it with us.

Phew, that was easier than I thought!

What is that little thing you’re putting on my roof?

To get you hooked up to super fast internet we just need to install a little dish and mast on your roof. This is positioned by our tech team on your roof to ensure you get the best signal from one of our towers.

If you want to locate the dish in another spot on your roof – no problems, just let our team know and they will try to assist where possible.

With a dish about the size of a dinner plate this little guy will quickly become your best friend.

Do you need to come into my home and how long will it take?

As much as we love scones, jam and cream, we won’t be stopping for long (2-3 hours is usually all we need, but it does depend on the layout and complexity of your house/business/multi-level building).

We know you’re busy but it’s important someone is home. In terms of access, our technician will just need to run an ethernet cable down the inside wall of your home. Once there, your router can be connected and you can enjoy SUPERfast internet.

Will there be any leaks after its installed?

We don’t just let anyone up on your roof. Our technicians are trained experts. To affix your new dish and mast will only require us to drill one or two small holes which we plug with the most suitable silicone and sealant for the job. We work by the rule: do it once, do it right.

Whats next?

Just sit back and relax. Your installation is complete and you’re ready to start surfing the web – cue the Netflix binge!

If you still have some extra questions, our local support team is only a phone call away. Get in touch on (08) 9466 2670 or contact us via live chat in the bottom right corner of this page!