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30th November 2022

Climbing to the top Matagarup Zip + Climb and Fixed Wireless

Written by Team Pentanet

30th November 2022


Ryan Mossny, co-owner and Chief Technology Officer of Matagarup Zip+Climb, recently zipped on in to chat with us. His business has been using a Pentanet Fixed Wireless business connection since its foundation, and we were keen to see how it had been treating him.

Matagarup Zip+Climb is an awesome business that allows visitors to climb, shimmy and slide their way past bridge beams on their way up to the top of Perth’s Matagarup bridge. At the top, visitors can enjoy the open-air viewing platform 72 metres above the river. What goes up must come down, and Zip+Climb lets you do it in style, travelling back to home base on a zipline at up to 75km/hr!

Matagarup Zip+Climb is in Burswood Park, just west of The Camfield. This presented a unique difficulty for the business, as they were out of reach of traditional Fixed Line connections. The internet is essential to the business, as, according to Ryan Mossny, they “need the internet to be on always.” Not only that, but they needed access to the confidence provided by local support, “if you’re dealing with a company that uses overseas support, they can’t always resolve your issues on the first call. We want to be treated the same way we treat our customers, with exceptional customer service!”

This is how they came to Pentanet. Without access to traditional Fixed Line networks, they wanted the best they could get in Fixed Wireless solutions. Before opening their doors, they had been operating from a temporary location using its public network. Compared to what they have now, this was unsustainable, slow, and unreliable.

Since moving to their premises and setting up a Pentanet Fixed Wireless connection, their internet experience could not be more different. Ryan said, “Pentanet and the internet service provided have been critical to our business operations. Since we are operating from a site with no other fixed-line internet options, the service is critical. We use the internet for everyday business operations as most of our systems are based in the cloud. Our customers rely on the internet connection to fill in their waiver before participating in the activity so that the photos and video from their experience are uploaded as soon as the activity is complete.”

With Zip+Climb having such a unique geographical location, we are glad that our Fixed Wireless connections were able to make all the difference for their business. So is Ryan; when asked if he would recommend Pentanet, he said, “If you are looking for speed, reliability, excellent customer service, or where your business operates doesn’t have a typical connection, Pentanet is for you.”

It doesn’t get more glowing than that. You can check out their website here to learn more about Matagarup Zip+Climb. Or, if Ryan’s sold you, check out our Business Fixed Wireless plans.