Pentanet Superfast Fixed Wireless Pentanet Superfast Fixed Wireless

Get your business up to speed with Pentanet Fixed Wireless

When you’re running a business, you just need things to work. Pentanet fixed-wireless is the quick, reliable way to connect to superfast internet in a matter of days. Join Perth’s largest and fastest-growing fixed wireless network, and you’ll be part of a new era of internet for Perth.

✔️ Quick connection ✔️ Consistently fast speeds ✔️ Affordable ✔️ Unlimited data now available!

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  • 500GB

    + Unlimited Off-Peak
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  • 60Mbps




  • Pentanet
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+$200 Standard Installation Fee
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Total minimum cost $2,696 over 24 months

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What is Fixed Wireless?

Pentanet Fixed Wireless is simple, fast, reliable and gives you superfast internet in a matter of days. We simply install a data point inside and put a small dish on your roof that talks to our private network via one of many transmission towers around Perth. Check out how it works with our handy new video!

It’s simple to connect - find out how here!

Why choose Pentanet Fixed Wireless?


We're Local

Proud to be Perth’s largest and fastest-growing fixed wireless network. You’re going to love the buffering-free life #poweredbyPentanet


It's Simple

From address check to install in a matter of days. We’ll guide you through the process to get you online fast and hassle-free.


Perth Powered Internet

We believe Perth deserves faster internet, local customer service and a focus on quality. So that’s what you’ll get as part of the Pentanet family!

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Please ensure that you do not cancel your service prior to being connected to Pentanet Fixed Wireless.

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