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24th November 2023

Ookla Speedtest Index - 2023 Update

Written by Team Pentanet

24th November 2023


It's been a little over a year since we last checked in with the Ookla Speedtest results, so let's see how things have changed for Australia and the world since then. This index keeps tabs on the fastest internet connections worldwide, breaking the data into averages for fixed broadband and mobile networks. For many tech enthusiasts, these rankings are like footie results, sparking competition and curiosity between the nations.

Australia's results

Historically, Australia has performed poorly in this race; unfortunately, this year is no exception. We've slipped three spots down the list from last year to claim the 87th position. It's disheartening to note that not only have we dropped in rank, but the average internet speed has also decreased. Last year, Australia boasted an average broadband speed of 54.26Mbps; this year, it's clocking in at 54.08Mbps. While not a significant decline, it's a decline, nonetheless.

This disappointing result is precisely why Pentanet was established and, here in Perth, we've seen significant success in combatting the sub-standard speeds available to the masses.

Pentanet Fixed Wireless, Perth's fastest growing Fixed Wireless network delivers reliable speeds up to 200Mbps across the city. Meanwhile, neXus continues to provide unlocked Hell Fast speeds of 200-600Mbps, in areas where it's available.

Fibre-to-the-premises upgrades for the nbn™ are also becoming increasingly common in Perth, and we're hopeful that this will substantially improve the average speeds of our great city. We're always working hard to introduce new technologies that can offer the next-level speeds that Perth deserves, and there's always something exciting on the horizon.

Beyond our borders

But let's not limit our discussion to Australia alone. What other insights can we glean from the Ookla Speedtest?

The top five countries from the previous year have maintained their positions, though the order has shuffled around a bit. Notably, all of them have very high population densities. Countries like Singapore (which claimed the top spot with an impressive 254.65Mbps, displacing Chile from the previous year) find it relatively easy to upgrade their infrastructure to provide these high average speeds. In contrast, countries like Australia, where cities are scattered along extensive coastlines with significant distances between them, face greater challenges when scaling up infrastructure improvements.

Similarly, we must commend our neighbours in New Zealand, who secured the 12th position with an impressive average speed of 167.56Mbps. New Zealand benefits from the same dense population centres as the top-performing countries, and their remarkable speeds are a testament to their dedication to progress.

The Ookla Speedtest serves as a reminder for us. It reflects how far we've come when we compare the average speeds of our subscribers to the national average. It shows that we're undeniably delivering some truly next-level speeds, and that's great to see. However, it also highlights how much further we must go to achieve the full potential of the Australian internet. We remain committed to working tirelessly toward that future, improving your online experience with each passing day. We hope to have you with us on this journey for a long time to come.

If you're eager to experience speeds beyond the ordinary, you can check your address here to see which Pentanet services are available in your area.