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22nd April 2022


Meet Sev: Our Operation neXus Wingman

Written by Team Pentanet

22nd April 2022



Not so long ago, Seva ‘Sev’ Mozhaev was an ordinary guy scraping by with one of Perth’s many ordinary internet connections.

But Sev got tired of ordinary.

At the beginning of 2020, Sev took the leap and quit his 9-5 job and committed to developing himself and his freelance photography business. Two years of hard work, a metric buttload of creativity, and a casual 1.1 million TikTok followers later… we think it’s safe to say his risk paid off.

Sev became a Pentanet subscriber during his rise to TikTok stardom because he was sick of his ordinary internet connection stifling his creativity. He needed a faster connection to collaborate with editors and other creatives online and was blown away by the speed and consistency of his new Pentanet Fixed Wireless connection as well as the often-overlooked benefits of Perth local service.

After such a great experience with his Fixed Wireless, he grew excited when he first heard rumours that we were working on something even better and has been championing next-generation wireless internet ever since as our Operation neXus Wingman.

Sev’s mission as Wingman is simple: to inspire the people of Perth to come together, do their gigabit, and join Operation neXus.

And it’s a mission of vital importance. Pentanet neXus is a community-powered wireless network that grows faster and more resilient as more people join. The Operation neXus recruits who are selected for early access connections form the foundation that enables others in their community to join their local mesh when neXus launches. The more we have on board, the better the overall service becomes

Once enough recruits are connected and the mesh is lit up in an area, there’s simply no competition when it comes to the quality of wireless neXus connections. The network operates over a 60GHz mmWave frequency, which offers intense improvements in both speed and latency when compared to other wireless internet technologies, including standard 5G.

In a time defined by uncertainty, Sev doubled down and made use of innovative new technology to build something creative and new — and that’s exactly what Pentanet is planning to do with neXus.

 "When you build your own internet tower because you’re not satisfied with anyone else’s speeds, that’s innovation. That’s disruption. I’m a disruptor too. I see what Stephen is trying to do at Pentanet and I have a lot of faith that they’re going to get it done."

- Seva Mozhaev, Operation neXus Wingman.

We’re proud to have the support of our Operation neXus Wingman and can’t wait to see a future where every West Aussie has a connection that empowers them to learn, play and create with whichever groundbreaking new online technologies come our way.