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16th March 2020


Symmetrical speeds - a game changer for collaboration at home or business

Written by Team Pentanet

16th March 2020




Equally fast upload and download speeds - AKA ‘symmetrical speeds’ - are a vital contributor to efficiency when you’re using the internet as a collaborator, not a consumer. If you’re a business user, or are working from home, you need the right service to match your needs.

Residential users of the internet are typically ‘consumers’ - they take data from the internet when streaming, browsing and gaming on their device. The needs of a business when it comes to internet usage are unique. We are collaborators and creators, using the internet to connect with others through emails, video conferencing, file sharing, content creation and other forms of communication. This makes upload speed much more important.

Picture this: It’s five minutes before your big presentation, where you’re dialling into a video conference with colleagues across many time zones. You’ve put the finishing touches on the slideshow, uploaded it to your chosen file sharing platform and it’s your time to shine. You dial into your Zoom meeting… and freeze.

We’ve all been there. It’s frustrating, time consuming, embarrassing. Wouldn’t it just be better if everything. just. worked?!

Why do symmetrical speeds matter?

At Work:

If you’re a business customer, a slow connection can restrict you from sharing drive systems, accessing files online, joining online conference calls, uploading high-res content for your viewers… and so much more.

A service with symmetrical speeds for business takes the main focus off the download speeds, and gives you equal power for uploads too. With the likes of VoIP, video calling, online/cloud-based file sharing, live streaming, 4K content uploads, etc. becoming increasingly more important to operate a successful business, upload speeds are a crucial necessity to ensure everything is running smoothly and effectively.

At Home:

The activities most people use the internet for at home (like streaming Stan and Spotify, scrolling through socials, etc.) typically use more download speed, because you’re taking data ‘from’ the internet and bringing it ‘to’ your device. This is where Pentanet Fixed Wireless is a great option, offering speeds up to 120Mbps download and 30Mbps upload - that’s plenty of power for a normal residential user.

When gaming is life or you’re working from home, your upload speeds start to become more important. For example, using email to send large attachments, and/or programs like Skype, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. involve the sharing of data ‘from’ your device ‘to’ the internet, which is an upload function. This - along with a low latency connection - is especially critical in gaming and esports, and it’s what we live for too!

Whichever type of user you are, Pentanet Fixed Wireless will keep you on-top of the game and let you focus on doing what you do best.

How do I choose the right internet service for me?

Before you choose your internet, choose the provider (ISP) that has what you need to empower you, your business and your team to work efficiently. If you need help, will they be contactable, ready and willing to assist when you need them? At Pentanet, our local Perth team are only a phone call or live chat away.

Pentanet neXus uses mmWave technology to deliver a wireless service with symmetrical speeds up to 900Mbps for some users, giving you equal power for uploads and downloads. Like our Pentanet Fixed Wireless, it runs completely independent from the nbn™. We control our own network and we don’t overcrowd it - so even if everyone is working at the same time, you can expect 100% of the speeds you pay for, all the time.

Available in select locations around Perth, neXus is an affordable way of getting enterprise speeds at a fraction of the cost of fibre. It’s not limited to businesses though - if you need ludicrous speed at home too, we’ve got you.

How do I get neXus?

Firstly, check your address to see what service is available at your premises or by calling our team on (08) 9466 2670.