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6th October 2023

Kicking goals in 2024 at Pentanet Stadium

Written by Team Pentanet

6th October 2023


Back in 2022, we proudly jumped on board as a partner of one of WA’s favourite WAFL clubs, the West Perth Football Club (also known as the Falcons). The Club’s home ground, Pentanet Stadium in Joondalup, has seen some seriously exciting game days and events that span way beyond the WAFL!

Our partnerships are collaborations in every sense of the word, so we also hooked them up with a Pentanet Business Fixed Wireless internet connection. After all, we're experts at scoring goals on the net (internet, that is!), so we let them focus on kicking goals on the field. Recently, we chatted with West Perth Football Club CEO Joe McCarthy, who told us how the Pentanet connection and partnership have been transformative for the club.

“The signal’s so strong, it lets us continue day-to-day business, always.” - WPFC CEO, Joe McCarthy

Now, let's talk about something else really exciting – the Pentanet Stadium Gaming Hub. This place is like a gamer’s dream come true on game days at Pentanet Stadium. They can break free from their folks and dive into cloud gaming in a super fun environment. It’s equipped with GeForce NOW Powered by CloudGG, giving visitors the chance to play awesome titles such as Fortnite and Rocket League through the power of the cloud. Every game day, the Gaming Hub is always buzzing with activity.

“It’s bringing young kids through the gates, enjoying gaming and football together.” - WPFC CEO, Joe McCarthy

Last but certainly not least, Joondalup United Football Club is now joining West Perth Football Club at Pentanet Stadium, forming a dynamic hub for football enthusiasts in Joondalup, whether it's Aussie rules or soccer. This exciting development unites two passionate sporting communities, ushering in a new era of sports entertainment in Western Australia.

Both clubs will have access to shared facilities, including gymnasiums, media rooms, medical facilities, administration spaces, and other amenities at Pentanet Stadium. All of this is supported by the Pentanet internet connection, ensuring smooth operation of every aspect of the stadium.

Looking ahead to 2024, there are plans for a stadium lighting upgrade that will enable the teams to host nighttime matches. We can't wait to see the stadium packed at all hours and are thrilled to have played a role in its ongoing growth.